Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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Camera Obscura

Obscura Camera 4.99

The camera app for iPhone is now available for iPad. Obscura camera includes a charge of different filters, the possibilities to adjust focus and to adjust the shutter speed.

obscura Camera is developed by Ben McCarthy, which you probably knows the game Agile. The photo app since last weekend suitable for use on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which the developer says: “The best camera is the one you have with you. Even though it is the iPad Pro and it looks a little crazy out for that thing to keep in the air. “Camera Obscura offers many different opportunities to improve your photos, for example in low light.

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Opportunities Obscura Camera

Obscura Camera was in June 2015 launched and has since received several updates. Version 2.0 made the app which was paid first free and 2.1 brought support for the iPad camera. The functions on the iPad are the same as on the iPhone. So are the Print button, the focus button and exhibiting button at the bottom of the screen so you can always feel at home here at when you hold your device. You can also adjust here include the shutter speed or adjust the ISO value. Camera Obscura is therefore suitable for both home, garden and kitchen photographers and people who like professional snaps.

It is also reflected in the rest of the control over the placement of the buttons so that the camera always nice to is operated. For example, tap the bottom right of the arrow to open the list of 23 filters and left under the camera roll. You can also browse through filters on the screen left or swipe up.

With all these options allows the app fortunately not on yourself to figure out everything. When your Camera Obscura for the first time open, unfolds a complete manual that explains buttons and effects. The interface itself is simple and mainly offers a lot of space for what you shoot to see.

Obscura Camera download

Altogether Obscura Camera a very nice app to use when taking photos on your iPad, you should consider that. If not, it is also recommend for the iPhone or iPod. You pay once 4.99 euros, which all filtering options are available. Furthermore, installation requires iOS 9.0 and 32MB of free storage space.

 Camera Obscura (AppStore link) Camera Obscura
Developer Ben McCarthy

Review 4 +

Price: € 4.99


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