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iculture readers prefer to see 4GB of RAM and 3D Touch the iPad Air 3 – iculture

 iPad Air 2 different apps.

Whether we get to see the Air iPad 3 next month is still as demand, but that does not like you to look ahead already. Recently, we asked about the possible features in the iPad Air 3 where iculture readers most looking forward to. From your answers show that 3D Touch is a popular feature, but more memory really tops the list.

On Monday we asked you in the form of een iculture assesses what features you would like to see in the iPad Air 3. A previous rondvraag about the iPad Air 3 among our readers, which showed that 37.5% of iculture readers looking forward to this new tablet from Apple.

iCulture gauges: What features would you like to see in the iPad Air 3

8-? 2 · What features would you like to see in the iPad Air 3? The new tablet is expected in March 2016 and undoubtedly contains new features. But what features Apple pulls you over the line?


4GB RAM and 3D Touch popular with iPad Air 3

A total of more than 3,800 votes cast our iculture probes completed on Monday. From this we can conclude that the most votes (714 ie 18.5%) fell on an iPad Air 3 with 4GB memory, doubling the 2GB of RAM in the iPad Air 2 and as many as there is in the iPad Pro. This expansion of the memory is closely followed by 656 votes (17%) to stop 3D Touch on iPad. Also four built-in speakers with good sound is a popular choice with 627 votes (16.27%).

 iculture gauges: features for iPad Air 3

have Strikingly 339 voters (8.8%) would prefer a thicker and heavier iPad Air 3 with a larger battery, a thinner and lighter design which allows less time insists on one battery charge (3.6%). an iPad Air 3 in Apple’s new rose gold color is incidentally down your wish list with functions: just 54 readers (1.4%) referred to this as a significant improvement

the reactions you could still bring himself some suggestions that are not in the poll. select items. So feel readers Hilda and Peter Frans something for iPad Air 3 with a screen that you can better read off a piece of the sun. Bman and Borgqueenx ask aloud if the iPad Air 3 may receive a 4K screen, such as a gerucht postpones late January . But the iPad Pro has no 4K screen, so perhaps it is not very credible.

Air iPad 3, what can we expect?

According to the latest rumors, the iPad Air 3 ietwat thicker and wider than the iPad Air 2, and the camera is enhanced with a kleine LED flash . With luck, we’ll find out on March 15 whether these rumors are true. Apple is expected to reveal then tijdens a keynote iPad Air 3 along with the iPhone 5SE.

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