Friday, February 19, 2016

Rayman Classic: jump and run on iPhone and iPad – iculture

 Classic Rayman is back on iOS.
armless hero, Rayman is no stranger to Apple’s mobile platforms, but the only real original is now available for iOS. The original Rayman appeared in 1995, including the Atari Jaguar and first PlayStation and then threw high eyes to its original platforming and creative level design.

in Rayman liberated the energy spheres called Electoons. These Electoons been captured by Mr. Dark, making the world of Rayman is in turmoil. Characteristic of Rayman is its propeller her, leaving him for a short time can soar through the air. He also knows how to use his fists well to slap away the enemies. Each world has its own theme, such as The Dream Forest and Band Country, the world in which musical instruments are central. You can also control Rayman Classic on iOS with a paired Bluetooth controller.

 Rayman Classic with the open safes.

Rayman Classic with a propeller jump.

Rayman stepped in later adventures what from the original concept, including a 3D-adventure. His most recent game, Rayman Adventures, appeared initially exclusive to the new Apple TV. Later, the game also came to the iPhone and iPad. In Rayman Adventures liberated you Teensies out of their cages and collect Lums as possible to achieve a high score. More about Rayman’s latest adventure can be found in our review.


Review: Rayman Adventures for Apple TV is the game you play

4-11-2015 · Rayman Adventures is the latest adventure of Rayman and temporarily exclusive to the new Apple TV. The game is free to play, but the download also worth?


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