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Why do we prefer to the iPad Air or iPad 3 Pro – iPhoned.nl

If we are to believe the latest rumors, Apple brings mid next month a nieuwe iPad Air out. And although the iPad Pro has not yet appeared long ago, this is the Apple tablet we really look forward to.

Last November, Apple launched after months of rumors finally the iPad Pro . After playing a while with the device for our iPad Pro review, we conclude that the mega tablet still offers few advantages over other iPads. The messages concerning the new iPad Air 3 we also follow with great interest. For those who want a great new Apple tablet is probably the model to go for.

This primarily has to do with the format. The ipad Pro, with its 12.9-inch screen impractical in many cases. The (not included) keyboard dock you have the large size does not operate such a burden, but on the couch or in bed the device with both hands and awkward with one hand simply impossible. You have far realms to open applications and notifications and the large weight your arms get tired quickly.

 pro ipad review ipad air three practical

The iPad Air 3 has just like its predecessor, probably a 9.7 inch screen; in our opinion the perfect size for use at home and on the go. Moreover, you can use the multitasking features of the Pro simply on the Air, so you can just as easily run apps side by side. There are plenty of accessories that transform the iPad Air to a mini-laptop with iOS.

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the larger screen of the Pro features for a handful of situations benefits and there are few apps that take full advantage of the extra space. We still prefer a smaller and lighter iPad, which will be a lot cheaper. The iPad Pro is not determined by its price tag of 919 euros an impulse purchase and the accessories that make distinctive the larger iPad, are expensive. The Smart Keyboard (179 euros) and the Apple Pencil (99 euros) it, the Pro is more expensive than the 13-inch MacBook Air.

The same features in a smaller package

Finally, it is expected that the iPad Air 3 gets a lot of cool features which the iPad Pro also features. Think of four speakers, which not only provide more volume, but also sound quality better. Or to the presence of a smart connector, which makes it easier to attach the accessories. It is expected that the iPad Air 3 has an LED flash and the same specs as the iPad Pro. You get essentially the same tablet, but cheaper and more practical format.

The new iPad Air will get many features of the iPad Pro

It emphasizes again once the niche in which the iPad Pro is located; actually make the device only of interest to designers and to actually use all the features, you need to buy expensive accessories. Moreover, iOS is not yet optimized for the larger iPad, making the operating system more justice comes at a smaller size iPad.

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