Friday, February 12, 2016

“New iPhone and iPad Air 5SE 3 coming out March 18 ‘-

Apple Releases March 18, probably the iPhone and iPad Air 5SE 3 off. That’s three days after the company is likely to unveil new devices.

the Air iPad 3 and iPhone 5SE may not be ordered ahead, reports the usually well-informed website 9to5mac Friday based on anonymous sources.

It is expected that Apple unveiled the smartphone and tablet March 15 at a press conference. That means there are only three days between the announcement and the sale.

Apple releases new products usually ten days after disclosure to the market, to give people the opportunity to reserve goods or to order in advance.

There is still little known about both devices. The iPhone 5SE would have the appearance of the iPhone 5s, but with similar new hardware like the iPhone 6. The smartphone reportedly has a screen of 4 inches.

The iPad 3 Air is probably both in appearance and hardware an improved version of its predecessor. Possibly the tablet will support the Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard



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