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KLM app has new design and provides travel inspiration on the iPad – iculture

 new KLM app on the iPad

It is not so long ago that KLM has been completely overhauled its iOS app. The violent legacy app was vorig year summer completely renewed with a fresh design. Apparently KLM was still not completely satisfied, because the design is less than a year later again gone on the shovel. For those with an iPad is moreover big news: the KLM smartphone app has become universal, so he is also optimized for the iPad

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KLM-app completely updated and more user friendly than ever

1-7-2015 · With the new iOS app KLM is now easier than ever to book flights and to keep abreast of the latest flight information.


Again new design for KLM app

The designveranderingen KLM doorgevoerd this time has, however, are not as drastisch as that of a year ago. When the obsolete design was exchanged with a single menu for a burger menu, with light colors was exchanged for a darker look and feel. Now KLM has again devised for version 7 grabs back to the white design. In terms of navigation, the app is not changed, so you do not expect much in terms of new features.

 KLM app on the iPhone with new white design.  book a trip with KLM on the iPhone.

Travel Inspiration gain on the iPad app KLM

the biggest innovation also lies in the fact that the app has become universal. KLM travelers with an iPad could have been obtained from the separate KLM App for iPad ( link ), but which app do you now no longer use. is used on the new iPad app of great photos and graphics that real holiday feeling entail. However, the app is more than a tool to book your holiday and to see, because you can also find inspiration to do with Travel Inspiration function.

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