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5 tips to make your iPad suitable for children – iCreate Magazine

You have those nice shiny bought iPad to browse the web, play games, mail and a hundred other useful and fun things. But soon you notice that your iPad is not your private property. Before you know it, the little ones go home with them to get. The iPad may of almost-all-trades, it is ultimately not a toy

 kid friendly iPad

Unfortunately, Apple does not give you the opportunity to work on the iPad with different sections for parents and children. Even not least because in the future there will perhaps change . For now it will make do. How to make your iPad child proof read in iCreate 75 . Below we give you a preview.

1. No apps lose

 Kid friendly iPad: lose no apps

Suddenly an app disappeared Probably your child. on the home screen just pushed too long in one app and then removed by tapping the cross Prevent example your game progression or you lose your notes Go to Settings to.? “General & gt; restrictions and tap Enable restrictions . Select a code and put in the list below the switch behind ‘delete Apps from. It is now impossible to discard apps.

2. No new apps

Kid friendly iPad: no new apps

Restrictions menu offers even more convenient options. Apps lose one, but suddenly see a whole flock of new apps on your iPad is also not ideal. You want to keep control over what your kids see on the iPad. And preferably on your credit card, in case you have associated with your Apple ID. therefore puts restrictions on “Installing Apps switch back to. The App Store will disappear from the home screen and no new applications can be installed more.

3. No access to the Stores

 Kid friendly iPad: block in-app purchases

Before you know it, you are the not-so -very-very-proud owner of a stack of films (Miffy the movie), books (Woezel & amp; Pip) and songs (K3), therefore, set the switch to iBooks Store, and iTunes Store, then there can not accidentally wildly.. be shopped.

4. Block in-app purchases  Kid friendly iPad: no new apps

Free games in the App Store: almost always there is a catch and that catch is called in this case ‘in-app purchases. If you’re not careful, you have koter a fortune on foreign birds bought in Angry Birds. In-app purchases in games for children who can not even read, it should be banned. But unfortunately this is not so and it seems ultimate business model for game developers. But now, you can best the switch behind ‘Buy from apps convert.

5. Create a folder with your own apps

 Kid friendly iPad: own folder

it is not completely waterproof, but it can help to to create a folder containing the apps that are exclusively and only for yourself referred to Create the folder as unattractive-looking as possible (no colored apps front) or take your child clear agreements about this other way may also:.. create a folder to specially your child and label it with colorful emoji instead of a boring title

iCreate 75:. Make your iPad child proof

iCreate 75 look even much more about the child-proof your iPad In an article of 10 pages you encounter the following issues at:

  • still. more tips to fit your iPad for kids.
  • Put a timer on the iPad.
  • iPad accessories and apps for kids.

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