Thursday, February 11, 2016

With the new styli of Adonit draw on every iPhone and iPad – iculture

 Stylus iPad iPhone Adonit.

You might by the arrival of the Apple Pencil almost forget that there are plenty of alternatives to Apple’s pen for the iPad Pro. So you can draw with these two brand new styli from accessory maker Adonit and write on every iPad and iPhone.

As the name suggests, the Switch can Adonit switching between two ‘modes’. First get the stylus that you used to draw precise lines on an iDevice while the other side is a normal pen lets you write on paper. The Switch cap can also be used to cover both sides of the stylus.


Review: Apple Pencil, like how well Apple’s pencil for iPad Pro?

Apple Pencil is a completely new product for Apple. How well like this stylus pen for the iPad Pro? At iculture we were writing and drawing to our experience


 the Adonit Mark for the iPhone and iPad.

the stylus of the Adonit Switch uses a so-called Precision Disc to draw precise lines. This small transparent circle sits on the tip of the pen, and dent slightly as you press the screen. This should give you the feeling that you’re writing with a regular pen on paper.

The Adonit Mark is a lot simpler, what you see reflected in the price. The pin has a blunt point while the rest is made of aluminum. This gives Mark a little extra weight, which must ensure that he is finer in your hand.

The Adonit Switch is ordering via Amazon and of Adonit website for $ 39.99 (€ 35.59), while the Adonit Mark for $ 12.99 (€ 11.56) can be ordered. Adonit also supplies the Netherlands if you order through its online store, although you should always be aware of shipping of $ 15.56 (converted € 13.89).

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