Thursday, February 11, 2016

TABO: This robot is the new best friend of your iPad Pro – iculture

 TABO is the first robot for the iPad Pro.

The large scherm iPad Pro can be used well to gaming, though a game is often more enjoyable when you can play it with someone else. For the times when no one is around, you can turn TABO. This comical robot is always up for a game, and drives his soft wheels back and forth on the iPad Pro to operate it.

Japanese touch .Plus holiday resort has TABO the first iPad Pro touchscreen robot. Bluetooth makes the figure connects to the tablet, while TABO used three touch points to operate the touchscreen. With two wheels rolls the robot across the screen back and forth as he knows exactly where he is.

You need the corresponding TABO TABO app to use, where different games are in. In the above video demonstration example, you can see how TABO on their own looking for the way through a maze, so you will also learn how to program the robot.

You can also challenge him to a classic game of Pong. While you take the left side of the iPad screen for your account TABO drive on the right side to rebound the ball. This is accompanied by the necessary visual effects to the iPad, which let the game come to life.

The battery TABO holds a half hours, after which you should hang it on the charger. The robot will this month undoubtedly steal the show at the Sensors Ignition conference in Tokyo. Hopefully we will get to hear it when the TABO is for sale.

More iOS robots
In the past there have been more robots who use Apple’s devices. As resurfaced several ago Romo on at Kickstarter. This robot literally turn your iPhone on wheels and can also recognize faces. Also Sphero using an iOS app to program robots or to control them.


Sphero SPRK Edition: Learn programming a robot ball and your iPhone

6-8-2015 · Programming can be learned, especially if it’s fun to do. The new Sphero SPRK Edition combines learning with controlling a robotic ball with your iPhone.


From: Japan Trends

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