Wednesday, February 17, 2016

freeing many MBs on your iPhone and delete iPad without apps –

Do you have an iPhone or other iOS device with only 8 or 16GB of storage, you will quickly grind against restrictions. Fortunately there is a simple tip in to release a flash memory without removing apps or files.

Safari is the only iOS app that you gives possibility to empty the cache, temporary data stored during use. With apps like YouTube, Facebook and Apple Music, which also build much cache over time, is not possible. Yet there is a trick to make fairly quickly more space, even if you do not want to delete apps, photos or other files.

iPhone 5S + 500MB additional + € 7 discount p / m!

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150 min

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1 GB

€ 35.00 € 28.00 p / m


to accomplish this, go to the iTunes Store. Click below on ‘Movies’ and choose any movie with a file size greater than the available memory on your iDevice. In our case we choose the film Closer, which never fits naturally with his size 4,34GB on our iPhone 5S with only 845MB of free storage. What follows if you press ‘Buy’ or ‘Rent’ is a message that the movie can not be downloaded. If you then click “Settings” button and go to “Store and iCloud use ‘, you will see that the free storage has increased. You do this trick does not actually buy a movie.

We took increase the acid test and saw the free storage of our iPhone in one fell swoop to 1,1GB (with the above screenshots as proof) . repeat several times through the same process can you free up more space, with probably more temporary data are deleted. However, lost files and applications just continue to work properly. In our opinion an essential tip for regular space on their device is short.

How much space do you can pave your iDevice? Let us know in the comments!

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