Thursday, February 4, 2016

Brenda sees ghost photos of robber on its own iPad – De Gelderlander

When viewing photos on her iPad, last weekend, startled Brenda van Dijk (37) enormously from Alblasserdam. Between snaps suddenly paraded images of an unknown woman. It turns photos taken with her stolen phone.

I have it on Facebook put out of pure boosheid –


story of Brenda van Dijk from Alblasserdam reads like the beginning of a horror movie. Unsuspecting browsing the young mother of 37 through her photo album on her iPad when the screen suddenly the screen of an unknown woman. And another, and another. Scary pictures, in which the woman ‘selfies’ looking straight into the camera.
,, Really spooky! I was scared Finch consumption, ” says Brenda. ,, Among all my own images was really a power other photos there. And no nice pictures. How can this mean, I asked myself. ”

Once recovered from the initial shock and after some inquiries to have done to others, Brenda realizes what there’s going. Eight months before her iPhone was stolen during a burglary. The unidentified woman in the pictures is that extension possession and thereby makes shots then through links between different Apple devices (streaming via iCloud) appear on all devices.

,, Bee burglary at my friend in Rotterdam Charlois in June stole a lot of stuff. Jewelry, my car and my iPhone, ‘ “Brenda explains. ,, I have not heard from after the declaration. Until Saturday so I sat on the couch in Alblasserdam and saw photos. Although I have blocked my iPhone and all it did erase remotely, there appears at Apple (maker of the iPhone and iPad, ed.) To hang something that my devices are then linked to each other. ”

before Brenda to get the police, they sat must own words to return with her iPad come to the police station, she undertakes Facebook already action. She puts images of the woman who owns her stolen phone. Her text: Dear stranger, the fact that without my permission my iPhone to ‘borrow’ have, you might want to turn off please the photostream

The message is ‘viral’ and is massively shared in the Netherlands. , already more than 10,000 times. ,, I put it on Facebook out of pure anger. Someone sitting at my stuff and makes even use! “” Brenda, who now talks had tips from all parts of the country who the lady in question. ,, They say she’s from Amsterdam, but a name I have not gotten yet. The police more, I think. “

Brenda For there is no doubt that the lady ghost images is guilty. Is not the theft itself, or to healing. ,, She might not be broken, but know that the phone is stolen. Between her pictures is namely also a screenshot of my home screen with all my apps! “

Although Brenda wants to return the stolen phone, they will find it even more important that the woman breaks the connection between the photo folder. ,, She sees my pictures with my kids. That’s not nice. “”
Brenda hopes the police find the woman. ,, Because there are as many stolen jewelry. This may be a clue to the culprits and all the stolen goods. “


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