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Down Guard iPad 2 iOS 9.2.1 to work something perch – One More Thing

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honnes 13 hours ago #


I have been so stupid to fall making my iPad 2 a useful product has been changed to a cutting board in the Apple updates.
Does anyone know how I like my iPad 2 with IOS 9.2.1 can downgrade to iOS 6 or 7 so I can use it normally without all every 2 min crashes?

Many thanks!

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Shmoo 13 hours ago #

Can not .. That is not the boss.

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Night [Moderator] 13 hours ago #

A little less bluntly: Apple has discontinued support for the iOS versions. Since the IPSW that you would need for a downgrade should have a “signature” of Apple to work and Apple do not spend more; You can imagine that it no longer works.

I see just that even a downgrade to iOS 8 if it is not possible ….

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SunKeeper 12 hours ago #

About six days after the release of an update, you can still only in the version before.

The rest no longer. Too slow? Save for a new iPad.

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honnes 12 hours ago #

Thanks for the comments.

New buy can always but little sin of a case that could still work fine if I had kept on IOS6 or 7.

Be a bit done with all the updates from Apple that ensure that every mobile device after 3 to 4 years old can waste.
the lesson therefore, caps updating.

Is jailbreak an option ? never done …

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jackybe67 12 hours ago #

Have you ever tried to repair the iPad via iTunes?

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Nicci1964 11 hours ago #

I also have an iPad 2 (32GB) with version 9.2.1. This has been running since the last update again smoothly. Previously had some problems with Safari. Regular page must be reloaded due to a problem. With the latest update no more problems. Now it is of course that I usually play more than 10 GB of free storage space have. The iPad is obviously not as fast as in the beginning. However, I can still work great. That feeling I still have version with my iPhone 4S (8GB) 9.2.1. On both devices takes starting an app bit longer but then still useful.

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csteelooper 4 hours ago #

I can connect me on the iPhone 4S at @ Nicci1964 . Although I now have a 6S as head gear, is also working my 4S still without problems (except that the battery is empty after half an hour,. Hence the replacement When the battery would still be good, the 4S was still m ‘ n main unit probably)
an iPad 2, I do not (have the third,. that is just a lot faster – incidentally also works fine with 9.2.1) but my family and friends say actually about the same as Nicci. So I would first have:

  1. a backup via iTunes (do not forget to make use of the option “Encrypt backup” so that passwords and the like are included in backup;
  2. first, select Reset Network Settings * (Settings & gt; General & gt; Restore) to use, then see how things feel;
  3. If unsatisfactory then the Delete option all Content and Settings * to possibly fully restore iPad. After executing this option you can restore the backup you created in step one. Now everything would then be working well (although not as smoothly as with iOS7 or 8 but just without lockups)

* = possible is the name of the option really different;. I run all the software in English

I used to. sometimes put back an iPhone to a non-signed iOS version, using the TinyUmbrella program. Unfortunately, this is now not just possible, because to do that TinyUmbrella should have the “SHSH blobs” from previous versions of iOS. You should have had it so when you had earlier versions of iOS on your device. And even then it was not really easy because you had to keep Apple fooled: TinyUmbrella had his own signing server and paste the hosts file on your system so that requests to gs. to that server were led. Obviously had some things work only during and immediately after the downgrade; then you yourself must ensure that Apple’s own server was used again … All in all not really an option for the average user.

A jailbreak you had to consider, were it not that you would MAXIMUM 9.1.x had been allowed to sit; for 9.2.1 is still no (public) jailbreak available. In view of the imminent arrival of 9.3 is also not expected
Moreover, I myself would in fact do not jailbreak if I suffered from a slow device.; in my experience is that slowness exacerbated by a jailbreak. That is something logical, because after a fresh jailbreak (so when your device biting jailbroken, you have no tweaks still via Cydia) run there just more background processes than before the jailbreak. It would then therefore important to be (of course only selectively and informed) processes that you do not need (to think for example of OTA updates) off.
Be aware that if you jailbreak, apps for example, banks can no longer work (ING app is an example of

in short:. try first but once the various recovery actions and see then what more are options.


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