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Review: Smart Keyboard – Keyboard for iPad Pro – iCreate Magazine

The iPad Pro we already uitvoerig scrutinized . The great savior of the tablet market this giant will not, but that does not mean that it is an excellent device. Especially if you have a keyboard connector, because that still type a lot better. An obvious choice is Apple’s own Smart Keyboard, a keyboard designed specifically for the iPad Pro.

Keyboard and protective cover together

Like a Smart Cover you snap the Smart Keyboard on the side of the iPad. Where you have a Smart Cover, however, easily folds backwards to create a kind of seat for your iPad, it is equally origamiën in Smart Keyboard to get this right. After some time figuring out you have it through and it is a simple process.

Smart Keyboard

the whole cover and hence the keyboard part is waterproof. This is because in one piece. for this, Apple has with the keyboard section uses a special material that all the keys as if packing. Big advantages are that to make the keyboard clean as it gets dirty, it’s okay if you accidentally coffee to spill, and that it is less vulnerable. the material looks most polyester and feels high quality and robust.

A full keyboard

the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro Smart keyboard is instantly recognized when connecting and you can either type. the buttons work by the same mechanism as that of the MacBook. you do the buttons not to press far to get an attack. It’s getting used to, but after a few lines, tap merrily loose. However, the sensation is different from the MacBook and it remains a conversion if you’ve just typed on a different keyboard. One time everything seems to work, other times not.

smart keyboard-top

the layout of the keyboard feels familiar, but when touch typing would still sometimes go wrong. the keyboard namely an American format, which means there is a smaller Enter key than we are used to. it is this type you around a instead of a paragraph break. the arrow keys are the same as those of the MacBook, with the arrows to the left and right are as large as up and down together. This still feels a little awkward. Smart Keyboard

The keyboard is also very flat. This obviously saves a lot on your own and use as a cover, but it also means that long typing on such a flat surface is not very ergonomic. All this does not mean that the Smart Keyboard works better for typing long texts than the screen keyboard and typing much finer than all Bluetooth keyboards we’ve ever taken to task, that of the iMac after then.

Smart Keyboardt offers no laptop experience

What also makes typing so fine are the key combinations iOS easily understood and applied. So you can easily switch between apps, copy and paste texts and even searching with Spotlight via the keyboard. return to the home screen you can also do with a keyboard combination that we find somewhere a pity. Since this is such a common operation, we would like here had a separate button. A key to switch keyboard (language) is finally on it.

The iPad Pro in combination with Smart Keyboard unfortunately offers no laptop experience. You still often reach for the screen to select something that is a clumsy way of working. Mouse or trackpadondersteuning could provide a solution in this case, but that Apple probably will never add. At the Smart Keyboard is it anyway, because it is a great accessory for the iPad Pro. The Smart Keyboard costs € 179 and can be purchased from, among other Apple .

This review is from iCreate 75.



  • Cover and keyboard a
  • type fine way
  • is waterproof.


  • American format
  • only for the iPad Pro
  • does not laptop experience.

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