Friday, February 12, 2016

Infuse 4.0: more subtitle options and adapted for iPad Pro – iculture

Great news today for the film and video enthusiasts Infuse player. FireCore has a big 4.0 update released, which greatly improved the sound quality of your movies. According to the authors, they have completely rebuilt the app, though it looks too familiar on the outside in.

 Infuse 4: favorites now with own covers

Infuse 4.0 for iOS

Infuse is a video player which you can play almost any video format on your iPhone and iPad. You do not have to convert files first, but once you start watching. The app is optimized for iOS 9, and it works with trakt sync and AirPlay. Infuse 3.0 already had a full license for Dolby (AC3 / E-AC3), DTS and DTS-HD audio, which is in Infuse 4.0 luckily still the case.

Infuse 4 for iOS is now optimized for the iPad Pro, but also works on other iPhones and iPads, and much better. It includes full support for VoiceOver, so that people with visual problems can operate the app. Retrieving metadata is lightning fast and you have all sorts of optimizations were implemented for streaming. Shortlist and leaflets imagine now own covers, so that you can organize even more to taste the app. This also applies when playing, because you now have more options for subtitles, both in type and in terms of font size and thickness. Would you like lying in bed watching some movies you’ll appreciate the lock that the iPad stays in landscape view.

 Infuse 4.0 optimized for iPad Pro

These are just the new features. There is also a long list of things that have improved, as more reliable playback via AirPlay and Chromecast improved bold titles and smoother playback of 4K video.

Enough talk, it’s time to look. The update of Infuse 3.x to 4.0 is free for all current users. All Pro features will come automatically and you get when paying user immediately all Pro features in Infuse 4 on the Apple TV.

Infuse 4.0 for Apple TV

Today also appeared Infuse 4.0.3 for Apple TV, including streaming audio to AirPlay speakers, support for DivX / Xvid (.avi) and here additional options for subtitles. You can choose the font, font size and thickness itself. Furthermore, you can now click the edge of the screen to jump between chapters and you do not want to see what you looked before, you can hide “Recently Watched”.

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