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Interview: How cartoonist Leendert Jan Vis are known greeting cards on the iPad … – iculture

 Leendert Jan Vis Maybe you’ve never Leendert Jan Vis ( WikiPedia ) but everyone knows his drawings. You can find them on greeting cards from Hallmark … and the iPad Pro ! iculture went to visit the studios of fish in Den Bosch, to see how he now makes his sketches and drawings thanks to the iPad Pro.

Below is an animation (from procreate) how the drawing came about:

Photos, video and interview by Bas Pants ( @ basthomas ), report by Gonny van der Zwaag ( @ gonny )

iculture: “the iPad Pro pleases as drawing tablet?”

LJV → Very good. What I really wanted in 1984, when I started, I have to now finally succeeded. Actually, the conversion of a pencil drawing to a black and white drawing, so that it still looks spontaneously. That was always my problem: I was always charmed by the pencil, but then I did not really think about in ink. You will get all sorts of tricks and probably no one sees it. But I saw it and that it gives a bad feeling. Or at least not a perfect feeling. I have now with the iPad Pro.

 Leendert Jan Vis is the beginning of a drawing  in procreate

Before I tried sometimes by a simple iPad and a kind stylus things that you use for a week and then you think…. never mind sit That feeling of the pen I was not even with the Cintiq Wacom then I had the feeling: I’m drawing here, but then over there was put the line. it always felt weird.
Some people can do that very well. I was a long time ago by Wouter van Reek, creator of Keepvogel , an animated series which was previously aired on Sesame Street he could therefore be:. than had ‘ie a sign tableau and that the computer and he could draw it like this here that looked just super good, I’ve tried that and it just did not work How do I… it tried, I never got the same feeling.
at one point I got such a Cintiq, so I could see it here (pointing at the screen, ed.), but there is still a difference between the touch point and the point where it is visualized. This is definitely the app procreate complete.

 Leendert Jan Vis is drawing to procreate

in fact, I work now easier and cleaner on the iPad. If I had a pencil doodle, I had sometimes erase something and work with different layers of color and that I now manage very well on the iPad. It amazes with still procreate it has everything that I want, but in many other apps are lacking. Such as Paper app ( link ) looks nice, but they have a limited number of brushes or is it a hassle. Sketches ( link ) I tried, all apps that are very well regarded. That brings me quite a long way, but not enough

iculture:. “It might be too personal preference?”

Just because I have a loose style of drawing and then procreate is really perfect. While another app works much better in other graphics people. But what you say some people need different things in apps than I do. This just fills my need

Yup, we know that this is an upright videos … next time a lying

iculture..: “are you 100% switched or are there things you’d rather do on paper?”

No. It is true: sometimes I’m ready and I will send it to the computer next door to get some work in Photoshop. But that’s the only thing, I do nothing more with paper. The computer I still be required, for example to see exactly what resolution the drawing. I find that hard to see on the iPad Pro. I would not only be able to use the iPad Pro; I find that too limiting

iculture:. “I see that you have an iMac stand with 4K display. Do not miss it on the iPad Pro? “

No, it is not noticed me. It works better than Wacom, which I always saw a small deviation, even if it is also pressure sensitive. I was not able to look on the screen and draw on the Wacom. This coordination I do not. I really need to see it, or I’m crazy. One drawback of the iPad Pro, I think, and that’s what I read on the internet that this is a very expensive pin (pointing to Apple Pencil, ed.) And that cap you lose very easily. I sometimes walk search. It would really be nice if he could be clipped to it. That’s all, plus he is very easy rolling.

 Leendert Jan Vis is drawing to procreate with  color wheel

iculture: “you say the Apple Pencil: there are things that can be better Have that. ? iPad Pro also are there things you miss “

No, I thought,?. I’m going to try it, and maybe he will lie in the closet after two weeks but. that was not so. One factor is that I purely used to draw. All the other work I’m doing on the iMac. I know a lot of things also on the iPad, but I did not actually do. the big screen quite fine and I Splitview ever tried, but I ended up not using anyway. That’s just not me. I take the iPad Pro will never join. even on vacation I find significant than just anything. It really is purely for the drawing and then fulfills it completely.

 Leendert Jan Vis is his workspace

iculture: “But I still see are all drawings on paper.”

Yes, that’s how I used to work. then I made with pencil drawings and that I had to go over with cardboard. that was what krampachtiger, I thought. If you provide ink drawings, they must scan and then you get all mistakes. Now I, I immediately run away on the iPad drawing all those mistakes. I have fewer intermediate steps, so it works much cleaner. the correction is also much easier. In the past, before I worked on the computer, I started drawing on watercolor paper with a pen. I had to erase the pencil line, with the chance that the ink line was spreading. With digital is that much easier.


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