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iPad is heading for the lowest quarterly figures so far? – iculture

 iPad Air 2 different apps.
the iPad sales are already some time back. When the meest recent quarterly turned out that in the most recent period again sold fewer iPads than in the previous year. This trend has been going on for two years and despite the fact that a new iPad Air 3 is going to come, seem to become less the figures for the next quarter than last year. This reports the research department of DigiTimes . And how does the iPhone 5SE doing?

iPad sales at rock bottom?

DigiTimes predicts that sales of iPad for the coming quarter will be lower than ever. For the current quarter, which runs from January to March, it is expected that there will be sold a total of 9.8 million iPads. If these figures are true, then this is the lowest sales since the third financial quarter of 2011. This was related financial quarter April to June, with the iPad 2 was the most recent iPad. There went 9.3 million iPad over the counter.

 iPad sales in recent years, measured in  financial quarters.

Despite the upcoming release of the iPad Air 3, the first new standard iPad since the iPad Air 2 in 2014, DigiTimes expects that sales will be lower than in the past five years. Despite low expectations Apple still remains the most important player in the tablet market. Apple would retain a 21% share, while Samsung comes in second place with 14%.

the new iPad Air 3 is expected in March According to reports, the iPad Air 3 vier speakers and get a Smart Connector , two functions that are already in the iPad Pro. In addition, the Air iPad 3 could be the first iPad with an LED flash for the iSight camera. According to reports, the iPad Air 3 already on March 18, 2016 on the shelves come to lie .


‘iPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 from March 18 in stores’

12-2 · Apple wants the iPhone and iPad Air 5SE 3 from Friday, March 18 to sell in the store, according to the latest rumors. There probably is no contractual relationship.

iPhone 5SE this year ten million copies sold ‘

But the iPad Air 3 is not the only new device what this spring’s coming. the iPhone 5SE is coming, Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone. An analyst from RBC Capital Markets expected that these new smaller iPhone provides ten million additional sales for this coming year, on top of the sales of all other iPhone models

Waarom Apple does not need to issue new iPads annually

2-1 · it’s been a while since there has appeared a new 9.7-inch iPad. But it’s like with the iPhone will need to launch a new iPad every year?


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