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Review: iPad mini ensures choice stress - One More Thing

iPad we know only three and a half years. At that time, the iPad has more than any other Apple product put great strides. Take the iPod. Three years after its introduction, he had a bigger hard drive, but that was it. Take MacBook Air . Three years ago, he looked exactly the same as now, he was just a little slower


contrast, the development of the iPad comes with giant steps. That is very good news. But this year Apple makes the iPad Air and iPad mini for the consumer, it is harder than previous years. Because the iPad you must now ask the Saint!

iPad mini with retina display

mini iPad with retina display

iPad Mini with Retina Display
The life of a iPadkoper looked last year’s simple. You could opt for an iPad mini or iPad. The iPad had the best screen (retina) and the fastest processor (A6X). The iPad mini had a nice small size, was cheap but had to make do with a non-retina display and a processor that was already a year old at that time. It was a clear choice. Each had its own advantages and disadvantages

This year, Apple has addressed differently. The 9.7-inch iPad Air and the 7.9-inch iPad mini may physically different from each other, inside they are identical. They have the same A7 and M7 processor (ok, it must be said, the speed of the A7 in the iPad mini has a limiter at 1.3 GHz, the iPad Air gets 1.4 Ghz), the same amount of pixels (2048 by 1536 pixels) camera identical to front and back, both support the same number of 4G networks and the battery do you do as long.

where Apple had two completely different iPads in the range of last year, it now has an iPad in two sizes. The structure is similar to the 11 “and 13″ MacBook Air. From the outside, otherwise, from within the same. This Apple seems to be.

a new path smashed
geek bench

Geekbench scores of iPads

Choice Stress
But it is so easy for developers the world, so difficult is purchasing choice for consumers. When you are choosing a new iPad only revolves around one thing: which format you like the finest. And that depends on how you use your iPad. You travel by train every day and read your newspaper there on your iPad? Then the iPad might be more convenient to carry in a pocket, purse and back pocket. Mini note Do not leave your iPad’s home and he is always next to your easy chair to be used for some fun? Evening arrested after the news Then the iPad Air is the best choice.

The choice may also depend on the apps you use. Are you the musical battle, you play in GarageBand preferably on the piano of the iPad Air. You write a lot, then make the larger letters of the iPad Air for more rest for your eyes.

The Weakest Link
The iPad Mini, but seems to have a weak link, and that’s iOS 7. iOS 7 is like any youthful iOS version is not yet determined a polished diamond. Animations will not always go smoothly (Spotlight) and some apps have a bit too much white space. Take the Music app. Where are you on the iPhone in landscape mode gets an overview of all your album art, you can see the iPad still the list view. But with more white space. These are the things that Tim Cook laughs like Android.


Music app on the iPad

Speaking about the downsides of the iPad have the mini, some criticism of Apple’s own Smart Cover and Smart Cover can not be left behind. Apple sells just like last year, the famous Smart Cover for € 39. They are made of the well-known polyurethane and is available in 6 colors. The disadvantage of the smart cover remains that the surface is divided into 3 parts, in contrast to the four portions of the first smart cover. It often happens that he flips on the table in folded form with iPad and all flat. With sadness, I think back to the wonderful sound clicks and tapping of the original four-piece Smart Cover.

The Smart Case is a new case for the iPad mini. Apple has noticed that many people not only the front but also to protect the rear. With the Apple Smart Cover up quite a lot thought the huge case market. The Smart Case is the use of beautiful smooth leather a more luxurious look than the Smart Cover. It comes in six colors and costs 69 euros.

The Smart Case

Smart Case with crack on the left


Smart Case in Photoshop World Apple

But this case has two minor drawbacks. First of all, do not connect the learning that serves as a hinge on the iPad. thus there is always a gap between the screen and the cover. In addition, it is difficult to open the cover, since it does not protrude from the right column. Whether you need to use your fingernail to get between cover and cover if you hold the Smart Cover on its head so that the cover is open. These are small details, but it must be reported.

The iPad mini with retina display is in our opinion the ideal iPad. It is small, light and therefore easy to carry. However, given that the iPad mini has the most powerful processor that Apple has to offer, makes him impressive. Perhaps more impressive than the iPad Air. The A7 processor is already very fast, but will shine in future updates of iOS 7 and apps that will be for the 64-bit processor optimized. The iPad Mini has a bright future.

Must you run to the store for a mini iPad Retina to buy? For us however if you have an iPad 1, 2 or 3. It is difficult when you have an iPad mini from last year. This has not yet been determined depreciated, but the difference with the iPad Mini this year is particularly high. Apple went with the mini A5 to A7, not to Retina Retina.

Maybe it might be time for the big push-trick in this case. Old iPad mini to dear daughter, little sister, father or grandmother. New iPad mini to you in burlap sack of the Saint.

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