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iCulture inspires: Find Christmas recipes and perform with iPad -

all kinds Who will not only Christmas trees, gifts and family think, but also venison, cranberry chutney, turkey and tinsel. thinks of Christmas Food, in short. For the upcoming holidays and eetdagen iCulture put some wonderful apps for your in a row, which you can find good Christmas recipes and it can successfully prepare. So go equally well to sit down and try to imagine. Together a nice menu Or verlekker up the pictures and give their own twist to all the glorious passing by. To a lack of inspiration, it will not be this year.

iCulture advises: Various Cooking

the relatively new Allerhande Cooking app like Albert Heijn you to gain inspiration. recipes for Additionally beautifully designed should boil app a convenient cooking aid during cooking itself. By cooking videos, voice control and clear photos of each recipe step recipes are displayed as simple as possible. In the app, not all recipes that have ever appeared in the Allerhande but a selection of popular recipes that are divided into thematic strands as “Top 10 cake” or “Quick stew”. For Christmas, the app features 35 beautiful Christmas recipes, divided into the categories of Christmas starters, Christmas snacks, side dishes for christmas, christmas carols and Christmas Sweet. In Allerhande Cooking shall include the design and photography: the app is pleasant to work with, and each recipe has beautiful pictures. Unfortunately options for your grocery list to send recipes to favorites or share or ingredients are missing, that will be added in early 2014. Until then cooking enthusiasts can also fine with this app from the feet, there is plenty to drool you with such clear instructions and you can not help but put a recipe successful on the table. Read here our extensive review of the new app.

Download: Various Cooking (free, iPad, iOS 7.0 +)

all sorts of cooking

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

app Jamie Oliver is updated for Christmas 23 Christmas recipes to be found in the cooking beam Jamie’s Christmas with Bells On. But also in Party-Perfect Cakes and Bakes Eats or you can surely find beautiful Christmas recipes. Another option is to tap on the icon of the list and select it. Festive There you’ll find a lot of festive recipes. The English-language app includes 10 free meals, but do pay extra for bundles with recipes, including those of Christmas. Access to these bundles will cost you € 2.69 per month, € 5.99 for 3 months and € 10.99 for half a year. If you only intend to use the app with Christmas do you are therefore advised to buy. Monthly subscription In the app, each recipe features a list of ingredients, a roadmap and a description of the actions with pictures. There are also videos to special techniques to explain. In some recipes, you can specify whether it should be made for 2, 4 or 6 people, and the ingredients are adjusted accordingly. The app also has a handy shopping list, where you can add ingredients to. This handy list you can divide in supermarket shelves. For instance, only the fruit and vegetable stand, or meat and fish.


Download: Jamie Oliver’s Recipes (free, universal, iOS 6.0 +)



In Smulweb app lets you search and browse the more than 350,000 recipes that are also on Just for Christmas and New Year, the app hundreds of recipes. You can find these recipes with “Christmas” in the search bar to fill. In the start screen you have access to recipes, restaurants, own recipes, your grocery list, recipe videos, favorites, and your profile settings. The content of a recipe is divided into three tabs: General information, ingredients and preparation. At the bottom of each page you will find the buttons make favorite, add photo, add to shopping list and share it on Twitter, Facebook and via email. In the free version of Smulweb you get a banner at the bottom of each page, whether it comes to the home screen, the ingredients you need for a recipe or a list of restaurants in your neighborhood. The Pro version of Smulweb costs € 2.69 euros, so you’re good for the advertising off. The free version is incidentally something strange going on: the gray icons for the number of persons and the star rating of the recipe are through the cooking time is over. Sloppy. Nevertheless Smulweb app provides a wealth of free recipes for the upcoming holidays, so we’ll just have to look through.

Download: Smulweb (free, universal app, from iOS 4.3)
Download: Smulweb Pro (€ 2.59, universal app, from iOS 4.3)


BBC Good Food Magazine

Cooking enthusiasts know BBC Good Food perhaps. The popular site of the BCC has more than 8,300 recipes that are chosen. By an editorial The app Good Food can download all Christmassy editions of the magazine, such as Christmas Food, a magazine with more than 100 Christmas recipes to inspiration. Whether the December edition of 2013, entitled “Merry Christmas”. All Good Food timekeeping have beautiful pictures, which you can view. Both horizontally and vertically In addition, they have convenient shopping lists and a handy list of ingredients and cooking techniques. All recipes are sorted by difficulty. You’ll find in Christmas Food include nine recipes for cooking a turkey, but also all kinds of snacks and special drinks for the drink beforehand. You can bookmark favorite recipes. If you are enthusiastic when browsing in one of the magazines you can also download the BBC Good overall. Food app That app has some free recipe collections, but also the ability to purchase, such as the Festive Cookbook or Seasonal Cookbook. Kinds of cooking bundles Which separate bundles costs € 1.79 and contains about 200 recipes.

Download: BBC Good Food Magazine (free, magazines 3 to 4 euros, iPad, iOS 5.0 +)
Download: BBC Good Food – recipes, cooking tips and tools (free recipe bundles € 1.79 euro, iPad, iOS 4.3 +)

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How to Cook Everything

how to Cooking How to Cook Everything app is a very comprehensive receptenapp with various built-in tools such as a handy egg timer in any recipe. With € 8.99 How to Cook Everything is certainly not cheap, but the app is the mobile version of the famous How to Cook Everything cookbook New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. The book and the app more than 2,000 recipes and 400 beautiful illustrations that show you how to prepare a particular (part of) a recipe. The app has recently been updated with a winter theme. Besides the snowflakes you’re now also be found on the opening screen, a blue button with recipes for the holidays.

In this section you will find all sorts of recipe bundles such as Christmas Day Dinner, Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Eve Fish Feast. For a party or a lighter meal, you can contact Appetizer Buffet party or Holiday Season Light Dinner. Each beam has a dozen recipes. Dutch users who are not comfortable working with pounds and can convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, the system and the metric system. Finally, the iPad version How to Cook Everything still some handy extras, such as bookmarking recipes, add notes to recipes and a button to make sure that the display does not dim during cooking.

Download: How to Cook Everything (€ 8.99 Universal iOS 5.0 +)

More Christmas recipes

  • 4 Hour Chef: Christmas Countdown (free, iPad, iOS 4.2 +) – Christmas Countdown is an iPad app that explains how you do not arrive during Christmas pounds, but at the end of the holidays are fitter than before. Shows a diagram of what you should eat, but also when to eat and have a workout schedule.
  • Kitchen table
  • Coop Guide (free, universal, iOS 5.1 +) – The Kitchen Guide is a magazine specifically for the iPad iPhone and furnished. The first issue looks ahead to winter, a handful of recipes and is about Christmas and Christmas thoughts. In the brightly designed app you can find videos of cooking recipes, photos and roadmaps of craft projects, all kinds of actions and prices.
  • VTM cooking (free, universal, iOS 6.0 +) – In the VTM-free cooking app you will find with a little searching much good Christmas recipes, because in main are all kinds of tasty suggestions for this season such as deer roast with wild sauce or a stuffed Christmas turkey.
  • The Whole Pantry (free, universal, iOS 6.1 +) – The Whole Pantry is a wonderful recipe app with special photography. The app is focused on healthy and delicious food. Who Christmas also like to eat healthy is a good idea to agree to participate in the attractive app a look. The Healthy Holidays bundle costs € 1.79 and offers 15 recipes, many other recipes are free.

Top Photo: Various Cooking

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