Monday, December 16, 2013

Sensire gives very elderly iPad - Nursing. Platform for nurses

the ‘View Care’ project Homecare Organization Sensire care recipients receive an iPad, with which they have their nurse day and night at hand. Also over-85s, even dementia. The method now attracts worldwide attention.

Sensire gives very old iPad

Program Manager Innovation Tonnie Bird Sensire explains: “People who receive home care of us may be eligible for free health care picture. They then receive a special iPad on loan to suit the situation. For example, someone who is demented, get one button: video calls. Even a 94-year-old who has never worked with an iPad can handle it. “

Worldwide success

It is this last message that attracts the curious from around the world. “Everyone is looking at us,” says Tonnie Bird. “From the Netherlands, but also far beyond, to Japan, China and America to it.”


Picture Care promotes the self-management of clients expected Sensire. Previously, customers had to wait until someone came to them, now they can arrange assistance directly themselves. For example, a nurse can watch for example when using the insulin pen or a caregiver remotely assist in attracting stockings.


now nearly 1,200 clients use image care. The first results seem to indicate that the quality of care by it increases. Meanwhile walk in the Achterhoek also projects GPs and Slingeland Hospital in Doetinchem. Tonnie Bird expects that more and more professionals are going to use. Statue care in care “We say:” Make Picture, except “anything that could remotely.”

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TvZ of December 2013 we spend in a series of articles detailed attention to e-health and self-management. The article technology in home care focuses on Picture Care Sensire.

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