Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NIS and NIS Teletext app for iPhone and iPad updated -

NOS Teletext iPhone revamped The Dutch Broadcasting Foundation has its new apps for the iPhone and iPad with updates. In the NOS news app for both platforms, you can follow live blogs now, such as a disaster or a major sporting event. Audio and video clips, photos, text and example tweets are all optimized for the mobile platform. NOS Teletext is mainly on the iPad underway. Since you can now read the news in landscape mode.

 nos news app In the news app NOS go most innovations just for the iPhone. Articles that have been read are now marked as such in the application and also the transition from one to the other day is more emphasized. New statements There is a greater selection of featured articles on the front page. The NIS has a clear policy on when live blogs are and what the next step of the app will include, let communications Sanne van den Aakster NIS iCulture to know:

start a live blog from a major news event or (sporting) events, such as a Premier League matchday. You recognize a live blog on the red label “Live” in the new list. The next steps are to improve the presentation of live streams, the navigation of the iPhone app and adding categories.

fact Also NOS Teletext has changes that are of interest beyond the iPad . In addition to the landscape mode, the text pages become sharper, you need to notice speed improvements and errors removed from the app. The trump card is for Apple’s tablet. Then you can be in the settings whether you’re left or right handed and it is taken into account the representation of the keyboard and your favorite teletext pages. In portrait mode, the iPad Favorites placed under the Teletext screen.

Download: NOS (free, universal, iOS 5.0 +))
Download: NOS Teletext (free universeeel, iOS 4.3 +)

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