Tuesday, December 31, 2013

LG announces two Windows 8 Tab Book Slider tablet - Tablets Magazine

Another few days and then go in Las Vegas CES 2014 launch. During this event all the big and small electronics manufacturers their latest products and developments, as well as LG. The Korean manufacturer will include a new slider tablet along to CES 2014.

LG today show through a press release that show. Tab Book 2 during CES 2014 at the public This model is the successor to the earlier this year launched Tab Book features like its predecessor, has a slider mechanism that allows the keyboard to be. Slid below the display today

Furthermore, the Tab Book 2 features a 11.6-inch IPS LCD display with Full HD resolution, an Intel Core i5 processor from the Haswell family, at least 2GB of memory and a variety of connection options. This version, model number 11T740, weighs 1.05 kilograms and is 16.7 millimeters thick.

However, it is also known by a variant of the LG model number 11T540. The specifications are not only compared to its predecessor, this version of Tab Book 2 with a weight of 930 grams and a thickness of 13.7 millimeters a lot lighter and slimmer. Presumably, this model runs on an Intel Atom processor Bay Trail. Both versions of the slider tablet have Windows 8.1 software.

what the price of the Tab Book 2 models are going to be and when the models appear on the market, LG did not yet known. Read more about what we can expect from CES 2014 in the field of tablets.

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