Thursday, December 19, 2013

The new Asus PadFone: now no tablet -

June 2011 Asus showed at Computex, the largest technology exhibition in Asia, a new kind of device to see: the PadFone. Asus had thought it was convenient to work with a new smartphone to deliver the phone could be inserted. Tablet coating The tablet had next to a screen and battery not include hardware, and it should be possible for example to start drafting an email then your tablet to finish this. On your phone The device that Asus at Computex showed, was nothing more than a mock-up of a very early prototype that still did not work.

Asus PadFone finally got the acting, but the first version was only released in select countries. The second followed PadFone be a major release and example he came to the Netherlands. Early this year, Asus showed already the third version of its PadFone concept, the PadFone Infinity, with a better phone and a thinner and lighter tablet coating.

The PadFone Station was in our eyes never compete with a single tablet

The concept has never convinced us. The phones were getting better, but the PadFone Station – so called Asus tablet shell – was in our eyes never compete with a single tablet. With each new release, we also hoped that Asus would sell separately phone but did not. You wanted the PadFone, then you had to purchase the station.

That is now changing. This month Asus namely a new version of the PadFone on the market, which is simply called “The New PadFone. On the outside, it is identical to the PadFone Infinity, which Asus showed early this year, but the interior has been updated. However, the main change is the sales strategy, you can just buy the new PadFone loose, though there is still a bundle with the PadFone Station. The station is equal to that of PadFone Infnity early this year.

Thus, in our view, the biggest stumbling block for a sales success disappeared. Asus has now gained with Android smartphones to tablet without a male state PadFone enough experience and able to fight with the big names in the industry?

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