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Tablet buy: Where should you look? (Part 2) - Tablets Magazine

over a year ago, we have a strong focus on what to look for when buying a tablet. In a year, much has changed, and so it’s time for an update. In Part 2 of our tablet buy article you’ll find everything you need to know about the connections of tablets, the use of tablets, the budget that you have available and tablets with subscriptions for mobile Internet.

Tablet Buying: Where should you look


We share this article on a number of key parts;

  • Guidance systems and ecosystems (Part 1)
  • Specifications and format (Part 1)
  • Connections
  • Mobile Internet
  • use software and hardware
  • Budget and price

Do you have the first part of this article, with information including the various operating systems and key specifications, not read? Then read on Part 1 of this article .


Want the tablet connect to a computer or TV, or do you want to connect accessories? Then you need. Connectivity There are so many connection possibilities, both wireless and cable, it is virtually impossible to mention all of them, but there are a few that we pull out


Through a USB (microUSB, miniUSB USB or complete), it is possible to connect a tablet to a PC or an accessory. In addition, the USB port on a lot of tablets used to charge the tablet. With a special adapter included, and it is often possible to charge by linking.

it with a computer tablet

There are two types of USB ports, a host and a slave. Sometimes both are incorporated into a gate. A USB slave port is a passive connection possible, for example with a computer. The computer can gain access to the tablet. The tablet is actually in this case seen as a USB stick. A USB host port allows the tablet as the main unit to turn and steer. Accessory via the tablet The connected device is in this case the ‘USB stick’ and the tablet is the ‘computer’. This connection means you have to connect. Accessories such as a hard disk, a keyboard and a mouse

usb ports 770x440 Tablet Buying: What to watch (part 2)


Most USB ports that you find on tablets are slave ports. Some manufacturers add host functionality, and this is often included an adapter. You can also purchase an adapter for example, to make a full port of a microUSB port itself but it is not automatically a host port made.

USB OTG (On The Go) is something that we increasingly look back on tablets. A tablet is equipped with this can host and slave function with a USB port. The choice of host or slave is completely depending on which end of the USB cable into the tablet is stopped. For this is necessary. USB OTG cable



we now also all know. With these port, it is possible to take the tablet with an external display to couple, for example a monitor or a TV. Then content of the tablet can be displayed on the external display. This is a physical connection to which a cable is required. Most tablets have a microHDMI or a mini HDMI port, this is required. A special HDMI cable to the appropriate terminal

A new connection option that we’ll see is Slim Port. The idea behind the Slim Port technology is quite simple, using the microUSB connector allows the image of your smartphone or tablet flip on a connected display. Before you have any additional HDMI port or other connection required. The microUSB port can also be still used to charge your tablet with and for exchanging data. Read more about Slim Port .

Wireless image streaming

wirelessly streaming the image of your tablet, or a specific app to an external display, there are several possibilities. Not every tablet supports every opportunity, but if it wirelessly stream any of your wishes you can search for tablets that support example Mira Cast and WiDi . Read more about connecting your tablet to your TV .


your tablet to stream music, pictures or videos from your PC or laptop to your Android (or Windows) then this can be done via DLNA. DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance, and is actually more of a certification than a technique. A large number of companies and manufacturers have joined this alliance to come when it comes to sharing files among different devices within your home network. Clear guidelines to In this way it is possible to send a file. A computer to a tablet of brand A brand B DLNA is short, so easier to share files. Read more about DLNA .

DLNA tablet 770x440 Tablet Buying: What to watch (part 2)



Bluetooth you will also be known to the ears and is available on virtually any tablet. Through Bluetooth, it is possible to connect wirelessly. Accessories Think of an external Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth keyboard or a Bluetooth headset. The wireless connection is established when both devices have Bluetooth switched on and are within an average distance of about 10 meters wireless data can be exchanged. So you can play music from Spotify via Bluetooth wirelessly to your home cinema system stream so long as this home cinema system with Bluetooth.

Mobile Internet

A very important choice you have to make before you buy a tablet or you want a wifi-only tablet or a tablet with mobile internet. Wifi-only tablet can only connect to the Internet when you have access to a Wi-Fi network. A tablet with mobile internet can be seen as a smartphone and has a SIM card slot where the SIM card can be inserted and has a module for mobile internet. So you can work on the move via mobile internet or play.

Did you travel frequently and would you then be provided with an internet connection, so you have a tablet with support for mobile Internet. Not all tablets are equipped with standard here, and you pay for a 3G/4G-module obviously also extra. Note here also when you start looking for a tablet. It is important to see if a tablet on 3G, 4G or both have. 4G is a network that allows for faster mobile internet, but this should be so is supported by both the provider and tablet. You can buy a tablet module for mobile Internet loose, without subscription, and later a SIM card for purchase here, but you can at various stores also buy tablets subscription.

our database tablet is indicated in each tablet if it supports mobile Internet. Want to know more about fast mobile internet, please read our 4G tablets and subscriptions page. On our tablet subscriptions page you will find all subscriptions and SIM-only packages for your tablet. Read more about where you should look for in a tablet with subscription . At Incidentally, you do not necessarily have a tablet with support for mobile internet when you need every now and then to the Internet when you’re on the go. You can also use tethering and mobile hotspot .

Using the tablet

You can make the number of tablets that you have to choose from even smaller by the filter using the tablet. Where are you going to use tablet particular? When you read a lot then you better go for a smaller tablet with an ecosystem that offers plenty of choice in reading material. Do you use the tablet for school then you can go for tablets with a detachable keyboard dock and a long battery life. Are you often creative and want to draw then tablets with an (active digitizer) stylus again interesting options. Do you want to work / play on the move then you have a tablet with mobile Internet. Use your tablet a lot for work and need you here for, then traditional Windows software is a Windows 8 tablet with keyboard might be a good option. Do you want both high-end games as well from the feet for work purposes, choose a premium tablet with powerful (graphic) processor and good display.

So of course we can still go on, but it is important that you look at what you want to do in order to make the choice. easier with the tablet Put your wishes and requirements in terms of use among one another and try to sketch this. A profile of your future tablet After that it is wise to take to see if the tablet can make. Expectations also true experiences of others, such as our reviews , by We also have in our best tablets buying guide made several statements to the best tablets by operating system or for a specific purpose.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in 2014 using two 770x472 Tablet Buying: What to watch (part 2)?

Incidentally, we also need to highlight here a moment that a tablet does not have to be the best choice. everyone For example, are you looking for a mobile device purely for reading books or an e-reader is often a better option. Also read our article about the differences between an e-reader and a tablet when it arrives reading books. In addition, it is often the case that would be offering an Ultrabook / Laptop sufficient opportunities. For those who really want to work and be productive while mobile The question you should ask yourself is whether the use as a tablet (with touchscreen) a real added value for you.

Form Factor

As previously indicated, the use is also important for the choice in terms of shape factor. Windows 8 and Android tablets come not only as a standalone tablet as well as hybrid and convertible laptop. Looking for a tablet that lets you tap texts comfortable than a hybrid laptop might be the best option. Use your tablet especially for creating content in laptop mode, but do you still occasionally use the tablet as a whole, then a convertible might be of interest.

Apps vs. Programs

We also want to highlight once again that there is a difference especially important for those who are first starting out on a tablet. between programs and apps, Android and iOS (iPad), you are completely dependent on the app offering in the respective app stores and can therefore no programs like the one you installed using under Windows. Would you do this then you must be looking for an app version of the relevant program or an alternative that is available as an app. Windows 8 tablets can you install this traditional Windows programs within the desktop interface. On Windows RT tablets is not possible and you depend on the apps that are available in the Windows Store. Note; programs (such as traditional Windows software) are not optimized for use with touch, apps that do. Apps are fully optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. Windows 8 tablets are therefore often comes with a stylus or trackpad so that all elements of programs can be.

comfortably operated

Budget and price

What is your budget for a new tablet? This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself. Advance Now you have to make your search easier. If your budget is 200 euros is a lot of tablets fall off when you have to give 600 euros is not really easy, but you have to go for the better tablets.

It is difficult to classify tablets in price segments and performance here or specifications to mount because there are always exceptions. So you can generally say that to be desired in terms of tablets under 150 display and performance but reasonably satisfactory for simple browsing, playing games and watching videos. Do not expect a fast and smooth performance, high resolution and a large storage memory.

If your budget is between 150 and 300 euros you a lot more ways. In this price range you will find tablets with high-end performance, the latest operating systems, good build quality and a variety of connection and expansion options. Between 250 and 300 euros boundary also contains the first 10-inch tablets from top brands that are equipped with high performance and a range of connectivity options. Want to spend between 300 and 500 then you have a wide range of high-end tablets in performance, display, and often contain software offer the best experience and premium features like an extremely high resolution.

Nexus 7 big 770x440 Tablet Buying: What to watch (part 2)?


But, so there are exceptions as stated for every price range mentioned above and therefore it is wise to check what is available right now and what the experiences of others with the respective tablet (s) are good. In addition, Apple’s iPad models on average more expensive than Android tablets and Windows 8 tablets are at the time of writing and at a higher price level. An 8-inch Windows 8 tablet will cost you soon 299 euros, a 10.1-inch model goes towards the 400. A hybrid or convertible Windows 8 tablet can you buy for prices between 400 and 2,000 euros. Again, this is of course all over again depending on your needs and requirements, as described above.

Simply put, set a budget for yourself and go see what is possibly a margin of 50 euros, available within this budget. Go looking for experiences and pay special attention to whether the tablets to your wishes and requirements. We’re already a little help on the way because we put in our best tablets buying guide The best tablets of each season among themselves, based on our experience and the experience of visitors. You can also enjoy our tablet database compare all tablets, also on the basis of the lowest prices.

tips, compare and questions

If you would like to read about the different operating systems and more tablets than you can also visit our tablet tips and advice list. Here you’ll find tips and advice by operating system and general tips for purchasing and using tablets.

If you have clear after reading the above points for yourself where you want to go for then you can compare tablets on the basis of specifications, price and other factors. Therefore you can use in our database tablet . There you will find all the tablets that are for sale in the Netherlands and tablets that can be put together. Interesting for you

Are you not sure where to begin and do not? still see the trees for the forest Or do you own a tablet, but you’re stuck with a problem? Do not hesitate to ask your questions in our Quiz section. Here we are, and help our great community, in finding a suitable answer to your question.

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