Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The tablet wins the world is far - ZDNet.nl

Summary: Maybe we overestimate tablet use a little. We go more often on the Internet with PCs and smartphones.

The latest figures from analyst StatCounter indicate that the PC and smartphone take the lion’s share of Internet traffic on their behalf.

Both were in November accounted for 19.1% and 76.1% of global Internet traffic, respectively. The PC then both laptops and desktop computers intended.

Tablets take a significantly smaller bite of the cake. They currently provide only 4.78% of the online traffic. That even a slight decrease since last summer.

Smartphone Use the other hand has grown in one year by more than half. The PC is used about ten percent less for the web, compared to just a year ago.

popular iPad tablet
It’s no surprise that the most popular iPad tablet. The various models of Apple accounted for less than 74.5% of the total Internet via tablets, say the number of agents StatCounter. Samsung follows with his tablets with 10.84%, and thus posted a profit of 8% since last November.

Tablet PC will not replace
These figures come just before the holidays, when the tablet the Christmas gift of choice is still a surprise.

“One assumes that tablets spread rapidly and replace the traditional PC and laptop,” said Aodhan Cullen of StatCounter. “Therefore, we have reexamined using them separately. But it turns out that Internet tablets with less than five percent of the world is still pretty low so compared to PCs and mobile phones. “

course differences by country and region wide. In England the tablet using 9.6% is higher than for example in the U.S., where the figure is nearly 7%.

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