Monday, December 23, 2013

Rumor: Great iPad coming in October 2014 - One More Thing

On 5 November we wrote about rumors involving greater iPad , carefully dubbed the iPad Pro. Today appeared on DigiTimes more specific rumors about an iPad with a 12.9 “screen, based on research into the production of Apple.

Rumors have appeared that manufacturer Quanta Computer has been to produce. for launch in October 2014, on a large scale an iPad with a 12.9 inch screen command With the release of this mega Apple iPad will initially focus on the educational market of North America. A corollary seems that Apple with the introduction of the large iPad, the MacBook Air would be replaced gradually. One rumor even more plausible after seeing the render by Macrumors after the break.

A render of a 12.9

A render of a 12.9 “iPad next to the 13″ MacBook Air – Source: MacRumors

terms of performance, the 12.9 “iPad, assumed that inherits the same hardware as the iPad Air , especially the competitive struggle to cope with the MacBook Air. We made in an earlier article all the comparison, the 64-bit dual-core chip is comparable in speed to a 2008 MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in 2010.

Along with the rumors about the new iPad, there are also rumors appeared on the introduction of a larger iPhone in May 2014. This month is remarkable considering that the previous three iPhones introduced in September. However, the thoughts of a larger iPhone are not surprising given the competition. The question is whether Apple is sensitive to this and it will go with the trend of very large smartphones.

Are you waiting for a large iPhone or iPad Pro?

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