Friday, December 6, 2013

"Samsung is coming next month with cheap Galaxy Tab 3 tablet - Tablets Magazine

Tablets are getting cheaper and the 7-inch segment can you even find something nice models for more than 100 euros. Samsung also wants to capitalize on this now and come next month as possible with a cheap tablet Galaxy Tab 3.

Samsung has a new series of Galaxy Tab tablets launched this year, but we can not mention the cheap models, especially when we look at what the competition offers for the same money. According SamMobile the Korean manufacturer, however, a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite “in the schedule for January 2014. This model should be sold for a price around 100 euros, and would thus be the cheapest tablet that Samsung has launched to date.

What we have exactly terms of specifications of the tablet, which SM-T11 inherited as model number, can expect is unclear but probably involves a low-resolution display and a dual-core processor with chipmaker Intel comes from. The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite should be in stores in mid-January and will, if we are to believe the rumors in a white and a black version.


went there earlier this week, rumors about a cheap variant of the Galaxy Note 3 that would go through life as the Galaxy Note 3 Lite . This model would be announced by the Korean manufacturer in February. Samsung seems more so to focus on the ‘budget’ segment of both the smartphone and tablet market.

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