Wednesday, December 4, 2013

# 8665: Watch these hyper-realistic illustrator finger paints on his iPad -

An iPad drawing app, finger and two hundred man hours. Those were the only tools of illustrator Kyle Lambert in making this very realistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman. So realistic that some people began to ask questions on the authenticity of the work. The video of the process.


Lambert used for drawing Freeman app procreate, an application that lets you create. drawings on your iPad Opposite tech blog Gizmodo Lambert confirms that the video is real, and he explains why he captured this image at:

“One of the big reasons I wanted to paint this portrait was to create a video That entertained, inspired and educated people about digital art. I’ve met a number of artists who were motivated to start painting after seeing my previous videos. I’ve also heard several cases where teachers are using my videos to inspire Their students. “

Lambert also tells that he was trained as an oil painter for more than ten years, portraits on his iPad and Apple Computer. In that time he has learned that an image in many layers should divide. The “only” thing he had to do when this painting was this experience into practice:

“The key to panting accurate detail at this obsessive level is to break down the portrait into much narrower Paintings That Are more achievable. Once you do that, the detail becomes easier to manage. However, the Consequence of this is That the overall painting then takes a lot longer to complete.

All I have done here is my usual technique adapted to work with my fingers instead of a stylus or brush. Other than the fact I am using my finger, the process of painting on the iPad is identical to all other digital mediums and in many ways similar to working with real paint. “

Freeman is not the first to be recorded. hyperrealistic by Lambert Previously he painted Rihanna …


… and figures from the Toy Story series.

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