Friday, December 20, 2013

iPad for Beginners 2014 - iCreate Magazine

Is there a new iPad mini or iPad Air to your Wishlist for under the Christmas tree? Or should you buy a gift for an iPad fanatic? Then the new iPad for Beginners 2014 is an excellent idea. This new special from the creators of iCreate appear on December 24, just before the holidays.

information, tips and workshops

The new guide is fully compatible with the new operating system iOS 7. You will find in this comprehensive information, tips and workshops on setting up your iPad, but also about what you can do with.

All iPads from the iPad 2

People who like to have a paper manual, have the iPad for Beginners 2014 a good reference book full of creative inspiration. A reference book that is not only suitable for the new iPad mini and iPad Air, but for all iPads from the iPad 2.

Order now for only € 12.95

Fred van Lierop

studied medicine, but writes, translates and edits for 20 years for various publishers in the field of ICT, management, education and health. The last 12 years, he runs his own full service text and translation agency. Fred is an editor involved in iCreate from the beginning.

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