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ARCHOS GamePad 2 tablet fun to play with - Androidworld

ARCHOS focuses on niche products when it comes to tablets. There are models for children, for people who cook and there is also a gamepad to join … gaming.

ARCHOS GamePad 2

This GamePad is already using his second performance. The first was not for sale in the Netherlands, but the sequel is already in stores. As the name suggests, this is a tablet with gaming skills.



The screen is 7 inches with a resolution of 1024×600. On the inside is a quad-core A9 processor clocked at 1.6GHz. There is a memory with a size of 2 GB and 8 GB of internal memory. This memory can be expanded with a microSD card on the bottom to 64 GB. On this tablet running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). The tablet weighs 400 grams and is heavier than, say, the Nexus 7. Which, moreover, do not you experience so because you always hold these ARCHOS tablet with two hands.



ARCHOS GamePad looks really like a GamePad with a very large screen in the middle. It does not equal you think of a fully functional tablet, but that’s about it. The device is quite thin and light, so it is very nice in the hands while gaming, I say hands because it is really a two-hand device.

The material is clear plastic all the way and no expensive plastic plate on the front attracts greasy fingers, but be honest about any surface now does not. Left and right of the front speakers are the sound above the hardware buttons.


At the top we see the on / off button, volume, and on the other side of the micro-USB and HDMI connection so you can play the games. well on the big screen At the bottom is a small opening for a microSDS card with which you can expand up to 64GB memory. The game left and right buttons at the top of the front side are transparent and wobble a bit.



ARCHOS has chosen to place on only a front camera and not on the back, so you can only make video calls and selfies. The specifications ARCHOS does not specify how much megapixels it has seen and the result will be no more than 1.2 megapixels are. There is a camera application, so that we ARCHOS want to make pictures out, but you do not have much to expect.


Mapping Tool

This tablet has hardware buttons and the most games in the Google Play Store can only work with virtual buttons on the screen and that is a problem. Before ARCHOS has developed a piece of technology that you can assign to hardware buttons of your ARCHOS tablet. Virtual buttons At the bottom of the screen next to the normal back-and home buttons of Android is now an additional option that allows you to activate the mapping tool.

mapping tool

When you activate this mapping tool, a pop-up that will allow you to drag the hardware buttons on the virtual and thus to connect these together. appears That sounds very simple but I did do some difficulty. In each game you get to start a list of where the buttons on the screen are, to know where to put the buttons you at that time the mapping tool also need to reboot. Unfortunately, the game does not stop, so if you’re not fast enough, you do not know where the buttons should be put down. It is not an insurmountable problem, incidentally, just to practice.



tablet contains a GameZone where many games are from the Google Play Store in various categories. I went there secretly assumed that these games were already mapped, but that is not so. As I understand it, this app filters the games from the Google Play Store and put them together and then you still have to use the mapping tool. There are also games that can be played in landscape and therefore have no use on the ARCHOS GamePad2.

Hardware Buttons

ARCHOS therefore real hard buttons. At the top are the left and right and two on the front two joysticks and a DPad and a number of selection buttons. These buttons are obviously meant for gaming but the buttons next to the screen can also be used while navigating a website or within an app. The other buttons activate and similar institutions, but the user should just find out what’s what, but it works.



No idea how it is for our readers, but I game a lot better with hardware buttons or buttons on the screen. The ARCHOS GamePad 2 does its best to keep me in and I have in the short time that I have been able to test any known problems. These tablet The system is fast and smooth enough to be relaxed to play with.

Although this tablet is focused on playing games is the system of an ordinary tablet. That is, the user can just do as mailing and surfing.

are ‘normal’ business


ARCHOS GamePad 2 is a nice extra tablet and I see it used in particular by a younger audience. He acts completely as a regular tablet and the hardware buttons will get an extra functionality to.

The mapping tool is approved and I personally had some expected more, but I assume that if you frequently work there also will ease.

* Distinctive product
* Light

Negative points
* Game options are not well developed
* Mapping tool works but more complete

This tablet is online hard to find in the Netherlands. On the site of ARCHOS itself is a list of outlets, but in almost any store and we can find the article.

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