Monday, December 9, 2013

"Nokia is working on 8.3 inch tablet -

Photo: / Jeroen Crane

In an Indian import manifest Lumia 2020 would have surfaced, reports Nokia Power User .

In the document, the Lumia 2520 listed under codename RX-113, below is a still unannounced tablet code RX 115.

That tablet would be the Lumia 2020, according to information in the Indian paper concerns a tablet with 8.3-inch full HD LCD display. There is also room for a nano-SIM card, which indicates that the device probably like the Lumia 2520 with 4G networks can handle.

Earlier rumors reported that the Lumia 2020 would use, like the Lumia 2520. 800 a Snapdragon chip The tablet also would get a stylus.

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