Thursday, December 19, 2013

VGZ Mindfulness for iPhone and iPad: exercises to relax -

vgz VGZ Mindfulness is a new app from insurer VGZ people who want to help “in the here and now” and to better deal with stress. Using voice meditation exercises the app wants more relaxed and confident you make in one application. The total program lasts five weeks and consists of 25 exercises that you can put in your calendar. Using the app The exercises themselves range from breathing exercises and meditation in movement exercises and last longer than 15 minutes.

Exercises you liked, you can make your favorite by the tapping as an exercise is playing screen. Now when you tap the center, you can easily do this exercise again later, or you may, after five weeks, continue with the exercises that work best for you. If you do not want to follow a set program or prefer to choose when you want to do an exercise, you can tap the top left on “Choose exercise” from the menu. Then you can specify how many minutes you have, what goal you want to achieve – peace and clarity and the environment where you are. You can opt out at ambient train, work and home. The Mindfulness app adjusts the exercise that you get this, so you need to do.

No complicated yoga exercise on the train

menu exercise

VGZ Mindfulness is quiet styled with a clean design. Pity the fresh colors is not implemented, only received. Mustard yellow color of the logo in the VGZ appicoon In addition to the exercises and the program you can find in the menu a lot about stress and relax at “Good to Know” and “About Mindfulness”. It is also possible to share via Facebook, Twitter and email. Exercises with others The exercises in the app are otherwise all recorded and do not have readable texts. We can imagine that this works better at meditation, but it does mean that you are at work or when you have to have the move. Earphones

An alternative to VGZ Mindfulness The Mindfulness App, an app from € 1.79 in many countries for weeks was the best-selling gezondheidsapp the App Store.

Download: VGZ Mindfulness (free, universal, iOS 6.0 +)

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