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CES 2014: What can we expect in terms of tablets? - Tablets Magazine

Another few days and then sits back on 2013. But, we can look forward to another great year and this year begins with CES 2014 . The largest electronics fair in the world is gripped by all major electronics manufacturers to present. Latest techniques and products What can we expect from CES 2014 in tablets

General expectations

during CES There are always a number of products that get extra attention from manufacturers and it is expected that this year we see a lot of news and to hear about include tablets, TVs and audio systems. In the area of ??tablets we are going to see many new models, both stand-alone and hybrid tablets and convertible models. The resolutions go up, operating systems are combined, the prices go down and the number of hybrid and convertible devices will increase.

flexible and transparent displays

this cup we had last year, even though they are but it turned out that CES 2013 which was still too early for the first tablet with a flexible and / or transparent display. While we do not expect that we are the first transparent and flexible tablets for consumers going to see at CES 2014 it is likely that the larger manufacturers prototypes will show in this area. In particular, Samsung and LG seem much to invest in flexible and transparent displays. Last week plunged incidentally be the first partially transparent tablet of a smaller manufacturer.

Toshiba Encore retina 2 600x380 CES 2014: What can we expect in terms of tablets?


Windows 8 tablets

is expected that Windows 8 will play during CES. again this year an important role again Many manufacturers have recently smaller Windows 8 tablets announced or launched and it is expected that we will see more. Models of this sort So it almost certainly Asus show during CES 2014 his first minor Windows 8 tablet to the public. Also in the field of convertibles and hybrid laptops that run on Windows 8 is expected to be much news. Some manufacturers will renew already launched models with Intel’s latest Haswell processor , and possibly we will see cheaper models that have the energy saving Bay Trail processor .

Android tablets

What can we expect in the field of Android tablets is still largely unclear, some general trends are concerned, at least. There will rumors that some manufacturers are working on dual-boot tablets that run on both Android and Windows 8. Intel also wants a larger share of the market to conquer and so we may be more Android tablets with Intel chip show. Intel’s Bay Trail processor is to be found in any Android tablet and is expected here at CES 2014 change is coming. In addition, Intel has repeatedly stated cheap Android tablets that are expected to run on an Intel chip. The chipmaker mentioned prices of $ 100 or less.

Acer Iconia A3 600x370 CES 2014: What can we expect in terms of tablets?


If we pull out the expectations for a number of large manufacturers than Samsung can not be missed. The Korean company is if we are to believe a large number of new tablets, some of which will be launched. During CES 2014 rumors So there are rumors about high-end tablets with AMOLED display and plunged earlier this week Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro already at the FCC. In addition, Samsung would work on a cheap Galaxy Tab 3 tablet, a cheap Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note with a size of 12.2-inch .


Asus is also a major player in the tablet market and will again seize CES 2014 show. what new products and developments to the public So probably the recently launched Asus Padfone Show Mini , there are rumors about a middle Padfone and the Taiwanese company probably comes with a middle Transformer Pad tablet. Besides going there for a while rumors about dual-boot tablets and laptops from Asus. Earlier this week, information surfaced about a Transformer Book that runs on both Windows and Android, and earlier this month dived information about 8-inch tablet with Android and Windows 8 operating system. Of course lack the Windows 8 hybrid laptops and tablets, but this are few rumors surfaced.

ASUS Transformer Book T100 retina 2 600x375 CES 2014: What can we expect in terms of tablets?



It should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are rumors that Google just before or during CES 2014 a new Nexus 10 tablet Herald. There have been months of rumors about the new Nexus 10, which would be made. LG, Samsung or Asus Or Google actually engages CES 2014 to present the second generation is guesswork but if Samsung Nexus 10 tablet produces the possible combined with the press conference of the Korean manufacturer, which takes place on January 6.


Last year LG was not on this list because the company has no business dealing with stand-alone tablet but this year with the launch of the G Pad 8.3 changed. It is expected that LG at CES 2014 Android alone late and focusing on Windows 8. The company introduced if we are to believe the rumors, an 8-inch tablet with Windows 8.1 and 11.6-inch Windows 8 tablet Intel Bay Trail chip.


Like every year, CES seized by chip manufacturers to showcase their latest developments and launch. latest chips The expectation is that we include 2014 new chips from Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Samsung are going to see. During CES Qualcomm has already announced for mid-range mobile devices a new chip has announced in 2014 to focus on 64-bit processors. In addition, Samsung already has a teaser for a new Exynos chip spread and it is expected that the Korean manufacturer shows a new octacore processor, possibly with 64-bit support.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600x370 CES 2014: What can we expect in terms of tablets?


As for Nvidia, a company that has left this year a little time going there for rumors about Tegra chip 5 . Intel has indicated to rest several cheap Android tablets with a chip and it is expected that the chipmaker cheap variant of the Bay Trail chip releases for these tablets. In addition, Intel wants to make it possible in 2014 the first 64-bit Android and Windows 8 tablets . Also smaller chip makers, including MediaTek and Allwinner will show their latest chips to the public.

Other developments

course we also go during CES 2013, a lot of companies meet these new techniques and developments in the field of tablets and accessories show. Think better displays for reading books, displays with 3D rendering, better batteries and innovative cases.

CES 2014 Tablet news

short, there is a lot happening at CES 2014. Want everything very closely, we recommend you Tablets Magazine from January 6 to hold. Holes to daily We publish all the news on the subject of tablets and as quickly as possible to keep you informed through our include news , Facebook and Twitter .

more CES 2014 news

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