Friday, December 27, 2013

Through ISOBUS tractor Adapter connects to iPad -

27-12-2013 •

To display machine data directly on an iPad or other tablet again experimenting with the German firm CCI ‘Control Mobile “adapter. A simple system that all ISOBUS data transfer on your tablet, which you can then view.


To Control Mobile CCI project works with Krone, the system test on their Big X forage harvester. The machine data is displayed via the ISOBUS protocol. A CCI i10 adapter translates into a wireless WLAN signal which is sent to an app on the tablet. For example, the driver can view the machine data, but also someone in the office.

The system also works without Isobus but gives no details as diesel level and chop again. You enter the width in advance and thus registers the app how many acres is chopped. The data are stored in PDF files and uploaded to a cloud-based account.

When CCI Krone and the system are well on the iPad, the possibilities are great. He can also be used with or without ISOBUS system. Combine harvesters and tractors However, work remains Control Mobile still a pilot project.

Krone ipad.jpg

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