Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reduced price: Infinity Blade III for iPhone and iPad - Apple Spot

Infinity Blade III

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Chair Entertainment Group Version: 1.2 € 2.69

Infinity Blade III downloaden

Infinity Blade III received last week already a very big content update, namely Ausar Rising. This is not the only thing the game has received, as Chair Entertainment also offers the game now for less. Infinity Blade III now costs only € 2.69 which is a very nice amount for such a must-have title.

Infinity Blade III in terms of graphics, one of the best games on the iPhone and iPad. In terms of gameplay, Infinity Blade can be very entertaining. In fact intense battles you will have to swipe to share. Attacks around on your screen Also, you will occasionally need to click in order to avoid an attack on an arrow or button, or just do it. Up your shield

The world of Infinity Blade III is great and you will be able to upgrade the two main characters in the field of equipment and weapons.

Infinity Blade III Download: Infinity Blade III download

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