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Together Monopoly new tablet as big as a side table - Volkskrant

By: Peter Ammelrooy – 12/19/13, 16:24

© Lenovo. Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27, a tablet as big as a side table.

Review Thinner, faster, but lighter – so we want to have our tablets. When Apple introduced the iPad two months ago showed Air, its creators were given a standing ovation as they had managed to make than its predecessor, from 652 to 469 grams.’s New iPad almost two ounces lighter In boxing terms:. Super flyweight

So what are we to think of the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 weighing eighteen iPads?

Technically, these Chinese whopper a tablet computer. It is reduced to a PC, a touch sensitive screen. You just do not hold it in one hand.

Computer Table the Lenovo also calls the Horizon table computer. One so big that you have one breakfast for two can serve or can spread the newspaper. The PC has a screen with a diagonal of 27 inches (68 centimeters), or nearly three times that of the iPad Air.

The Lenovomachine is a coffee table with no legs, so big that you are there with four men / woman’s touch screen, you can not sit. together in the way at once That gives a new dimension to the tablet experience.

Dozen apps the Lenovo provides Horizon with a dozen apps that make use of the large screen surface. So looks roulette simulator as an almost complete roulette table.

Separate the accessories are in the box. For Air Hockey Lenovo provides four physical pushers, which you chasing a virtual puck over the field. For shooters and racing games there are four joysticks at.

On the horizon you can play Monopoly on a board that is larger than the paper version. It’s been nice that you tear pawn as animation on the screen, with a roaring sound. Even better is that you can throw in an electronic dice: screen identifies which digit the dice comes to rest

table tablet running Windows 8. but if you have the screen lays flat, is a special user interface in action. That Aura is a hub that provides access to photos, music, videos and games. The ‘wheel’ is more convenient than the tiles of Windows 8, because you can control (if you are on the wrong side of the tablet). Harder on its head

On the back of the tablet is a standard that you can fold and allowing you to convert. Horizon upright The table-PC can then be used as a regular computer. Or as a television, you can connect a cable or KPN decoder, a Blu-ray player or game console to the device

The Lenovo includes a rechargeable battery.. According to the manufacturer, the device allows, in normal use, for two hours without a power outlet. But the battery is slightly faster in practice yet.

There are more points of criticism. Finger control is sometimes awkward. Lenovo has only two USB ports, one of which is taken by the Bluetoothdongel that mouse and keyboard with the tablet lets ‘talk’ to complete. The cooling is audible. A Blu-ray or DVD drive is missing, so your favorite films, TV shows and games on disc, you need to install a roundabout way.

A bigger problem is that the number of apps that the large screen used is limited: we come to thirty. Lenovo offers BlueStacks to, software that lets you run Android apps on a Windows PC, but the experiences are thus variable.

Lenovo says there is not (yet) independent software developers who have promised to tablet or future table PCs. And that is necessary, as the Horizon and its competitors to have a nice side table of 1,699 euros for breakfast and morning newspaper more future.

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