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It's all about the tablet - Marketingfacts

online landscape is the year-end rally used by both publishers and advertisers to reach and convert the high peaks for the holidays. Returning hot item in this period is the tablet, which is engaged in an impressive advance in terms of share of traffic and clicks. In this article we look at the tablet traffic in the Netherlands and for comparison also take traffic from smartphones it.

Growth phase

The tablet seems to stand still. during the growth phase of the product lifecycle So again this year is high as the previous year on the wish lists during the holidays and to conquer. More than half of the households Balances are indispensable in by introducing. A 10-inch budget tablet right at the start of the festive season Of course, all this is an interesting data for our electronics advertisers and publishers who carry promotion for tablets. But it stressed to all our advertisers and publishers in particular the potential of the tablet as the traffic source of the future for online sales. And thus the importance of a site and shop offer that has been optimized.

Mobile traffic within affiliate marketing

The market data Daisycon shows that now 30 percent of the clicks from mobile devices to be done, with Apple leading the way in both the tablets and the smartphones. Samsung is a strong second, with 27 percent (tablet) and 28 percent of the market respectively. (Smartphone)

A study of our British concullega Affiliate Window shows that the supremacy of Apple’s much bigger in the U.S. and UK. The iPhone’s responsible for as much as 68.1 percent of smartphone traffic, even while 79.3 percent of tablet traffic goes through an iPad.


mobile devices of total traffic

UK / U.S. (Aff.window) NL (Daisycon)
share traffic via tablet 11.31% 13.29%
Share via smartphone traffic 10.20% 16.49%
share traffic via desktop 78.30% 70.22%

Apple share by traffic tablets / smartphones

UK / U.S. (Aff.window) NL (Daisycon)
Tablets: iPad share 79.30% 57.86%
Smartphones: iPhone share 68.10% 33.60%

Netherlands seems so in terms of mobile traffic to run on the UK / U.S., for it turns out that less than 66 per cent of SMEs in the Netherlands has not yet optimized for mobile website use. Time for enterprising Netherlands to grow! With consumers

Super Sunday


Research by the British branch of TradeDoubler also show that there the Sunday before Cyber ??Monday now known as Tablet Super Sunday . There are indeed striking more products purchased through a tablet than on Cyber ??Monday on Sunday. Since the tablet is used (in the Netherlands in 95 percent of cases), especially at home, it is also logical to relax with the tablet is going to do.

the holidays shopping at the relax-Sunday

Let’s see if the purchased / received tablets in the Netherlands also be used to make purchases. direct Perhaps for a holiday in early January book?

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