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Cheap Tablet - Spitsnieuws

You see them more and more often: restaurants where you serve yourself from a phone or tablet. With a few clicks you can order your dish, you ask for extra ketchup and pay the bill. The technique takes the waiter in this way more and more tasks off your hands. Does this mean a new era?

Suppose you go to the movies tonight and decide prior to the film a bite to eat. Many times you do not, so check you in the restaurant, the current waiting time per dish to make your choice. Based thereon This is one of the possibilities that await catering guests in the future are. The control they get in restaurants, increases sharply. Calling the waiter or checkout by phone or tablet has been no exception.

Tabletmenukaart.nl The company contributes to the digitization of the hospitality industry by provide as a replacement for the paper menu. tablets The device provides guests many possibilities as read additional information about the dishes, writing a review and asking for the bill. What characteristics does the tablet or not, determine the catering companies themselves. Thus, it is possible to order the guest via the tablet but the tablet also only provide information about food and / or wine.

additional information has now forty catering companies are affiliated in the Netherlands Tabletmenukaart.nl. Founder Alexander Dolstra thinks the tablet will replace the papers. Menu eventually fully “The concept fits well with restaurants where everything goes faster and personal contact is less important, such as an all you can eat sushi restaurant. But more and more restaurants where people are more extensive tables, appreciate the tablet. That kind of restaurants often chooses to disable the ordering function so that it does not compromise the personal service. The tablet will only be used to provide information. “

Dolstra has many plans for new developments around its product. “Anything is possible, as long as it fits the location and the target audience who comes to the floor. We want the tablet stuff with all kinds of fuss, so it is important to follow. Needs of the host Example, we can add flight at Schiphol and in a college town, it is nice to give the app 9292. “Guest access Dolstra also hopes to show when the cook starts to your dish and how long you have to wait in the future. “In the long term I want the host can already show the waiting time per dish in advance. A traveler can draw on his choice.

Izkaya Restaurant in Rotterdam goes one step further. There will be the guest menu is not presented on a tablet, but the card is part of the whole table. In this so-called touchtables the guest not only order his food, but it can be done via a live connection to the kitchen to follow how his dish is prepared, play games and even pick his own tablecloth. According to owner Jordi Kuijt this technique hospitality benefits. “Because the tables take the waiter tasks off your hands, the staff has more time to ensure that guests have a good time. The server does not need to run ten times to the same table but uses his time purely to ask if it tastes and to donate. “Drink in

Or it is not very distracting to play the table games? Kuyt does not. “At uncomfortable silences may just be useful. In addition, you do not get bored if you company to go to the toilet. “

Another form of digital self-service is the application MyOrder. This app allows you to order from 198 hospitality companies in the Netherlands from your mobile phone and settle. The waiter is here basically only have to spend. Consumptions to the tables

In the Groningen restaurant Three Sisters are done through MyOrder hundreds of transactions daily. “Especially in the summer, the terrace is popular,” says managing director Bas van Galen. The biggest advantage, he finds that it shortens the waiting time. “People can order immediately after taking place, without having to wait for a waiter. Moreover, they charge straight away, no hassle with bills and cash. “Not everyone needs the app. “We still have a lot of people who order the ‘normal’ way, including the elderly. As a result, we have no employees have streaks away. “

How many tasks, the waiter also lose superfluous he never thinks Hugo Size, innovation manager of Royal Horeca Netherlands (KHN). Personal attention is too important in the hospitality industry. Size sees in this area or danger in the trend. “The hospitality industry is an industry when it comes to both service and quality. That service is partly determined by reception and operation. If that is converted into technology, that can be detrimental to the personal attention that a guest needs. There restaurants need to be careful with it. “

Whether you should or should not come as a catering business with the trend, according to size a tradeoff that depends heavily on the concept of the company. “It has to fit the needs of the guest. In restaurants where you eat something coming soon, I can imagine it is useful if you have control. Starred other hand, will perhaps have more trouble to surrender. It Many guests come there to be pampered by professionals. “

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