Friday, December 6, 2013

iSkelter Introduces iPad mini dock bamboo - Tablet World

iPad mini in possession and looking for a beautiful and exclusive dock? Then manufacturer iSkelter perhaps been the perfect dock for you to market. A handmade and simplistic dock made of 100 percent bamboo

iPad mini

The Apple iPads are selling like hot cakes at the bakery, but also accessories like hot cakes. Smart Covers, chargers, keyboards, styluses and docking stations are also sold well. Manufacturer iSkelter now comes with a beautifully finished docking station Chisel Series for the iPad mini. The dock is both vertically and horizontally to use and there is also room for the lightning cable in order to be able to continue to charge if it is placed in the dock. Tablet

 Chisel iPad mini dock from 100 percent bamboo


iSkelter sells several accessories for Apple products, and they are all hand made from 100 percent bamboo. There are docking stations available for various iPhones and now the iPad mini. Whether the dock also works with the iPad mini Retina is unknown to us. The external dimensions are the same as the first iPad mini, but the depth is 0.3 mm slightly more.


The price in the U.S. is around $ 50, which converted just over € 35 is. Unfortunately we could not find it, so if you really want to have him in Dutch stores it you’ll have to import. Keep or allow extra cost for shipping and any additional import costs or tax course.

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