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IMDb for iPhone and iPad: new design, lists of movie stars -

imdb The IMDb app has undergone a metamorphosis, where the iOS app a sleek touch-7 has received. As a result, the black bars in the interface now gray, rounded square buttons now and the app a lot more white space. The navigation of the app is customized, so you can recall. Dropdown menu in each screen For film lovers who like to read about their favorite actor or actress, there is also good news: you can now build lists of movie stars, so you are always aware of the latest developments

Also new is the new Road to the Oscars tab, where you can see not only all the nominations and press photos in the run-up to the famous ceremony but during the broadcast of the Golden Globes and the Oscars too can read the winners live. You can also enjoy the IMDb app now vote in polls about all sorts of trivia, a witty gimmick to make the app. Slightly interactive

Another notable change is the new possibilities to adapt by sorting them and bring. filters on the sequence of the movie stars and movie titles in your lists So you can find. Persons in your list by name, date of birth, height and date that you have added sort them where we actors length grouping somewhat creepy Give us but just alphabetically. Movie titles, you can sort by name, release date, average rating, personal rating and date that you have added them. Films in the famous Watchlist same way you can separate from each other. In particular, the sort by release date was a common request to the developers, who have granted that request. This update

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Although the interface of the IMDb app there is generally a lot tighter look, the app now has a somewhat “dull” appearance. This is undoubtedly due to the use of all the different shades of gray, which does not get the freshness of the app better. Also, it is somewhat strange that the typical IMDb yellow of the app icon fails to appear elsewhere. And another – small point of criticism about the new design: both the IMDb logo as the settings on the main menu bar at the top of the same calling dropdown on small menu


new features to make lists of people and the Oscars to follow closely named Cult of Mac jokingly “ stalking features “, but that seems a little excessive. The fact is that IMDb often used to see where that one person in that series now again more in common, and it seems more likely that the app just as useful in responding. Keep seeing the same actor in films from good to you? Put him in a list, you will see immediately if a new movie appears with him. And that does not seem to us such a bad idea.

Download: IMDb (free, universal, iOS 7.0 +)

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