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iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina display, which suits you? - Total Computer

you liked last year’s difficult to choose between the iPad 4 and the iPad mini? This year, Apple has not made it any easier. Two new iPads inside almost identical, but a world of difference in terms of size and price. Where should you go for? We help you choose.


It’s hard to believe that Apple has gotten to the inside as the iPad Air. iPad Mini with Retina display as powerful it together After all, the iPad Air (review) has been a huge leap forward compared to its predecessor. But the tablets are really identical under the hood? The answer is a resounding “yes”. In terms of speed, camera, wifi, battery, you name it, you will not notice the difference absolute, the tablets are identical. That means that there are only two things that are important in determining the iPad is most suitable for you: price and size


The Air iPad and Retina iPad mini are only on the outside different.


If you put them side by side, the iPad Mini with Retina display (review) seems not so ridiculously much smaller than the iPad Air. However, the difference is indeed something out. Because the iPad mini is smaller, but just as thick, the tablet is also a lot lighter. That makes the Retina mini, also because of its smaller size, more suitable for reading e-books.

you use your iPad a lot to type, such as emails or Pages documents, then the mini is also very interesting, because the format allows you to hold the tablet in one hand and typing with the other , which is not so easy with the iPad Air. Moreover, you can easily reach the other side of your mini with your thumb, so that typing a lot easier.

However if you use your iPad for gaming, it’s just the air a lot more interesting, because a larger display means you have more space for control, so it all gets a little less frenetic. In addition, and this is also true for example, watching movies and series, it is obviously more comfortable to view. Visual business on a larger display The main difference seems to be: Productivity on the iPad mini and entertainment on the iPad Air


The iPad Mini with Retina display is very suitable for reading books.

The second consideration is of course the price. The difference between the iPad and the iPad Mini Air with Retina display is 90 euros. A significant price difference, because it means that you can buy for 389 euros (the WiFi model). Mini Retina A difference of 90 euro seems initially not much, but a figure of “only” 400 euros means that a quarter of the purchase price, and that is not wrong.

Whether that price is decisive? That depends. Do you actually have no preference for a mini or Air? Buy the mini, because then you stitch 90 euros nice in your pocket. Would you actually have a preference, but you can find the mini price technically attractive? Buy the Air, for, the difference is not worth 90 euros (and probably get you over time so sorry that you are not gone. Before the great

The difference in price is 90 euros, which is worth considering as Your size does not matter.

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