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Set new iPhone or iPad and using -

appstore_made_for_ipad You have a new iPhone or iPad? We help you in this article step by step set up and put into service. In this guide we will explain you expanded the first steps with the iPhone or iPad , so that you can get started quickly.

Once your iPhone or iPad for the first time out of the box and turned on, you must follow a few steps. These steps make your example connect to the wireless network, set your Apple ID and you make sure that the default is set. In Dutch But you’ll have the iPhone or iPad should turn first.

Step 1: Enable

Turn iPhone or iPad by pressing and holding. the on / off button on top if pressed You are greeted by a Hi-screen. Swipe your finger on the text at the bottom. Class=”clrb”


Step 2: Language and region choose

You want your new iPhone or iPad , of course, be used in Dutch. Tap the language and you go to the next step, where you can choose the desired region, for example, “Netherlands”. Class=”clrb”


Step 3: Wireless Network Setup

home and to the Internet without your data bundle runs out, at work, it’s smart to connect to a wireless network. Select your network and enter the corresponding password. Class=”clrb”

iPad-set network dialing

Step 4: iOS device activation

It will now take a few seconds to activate. You’ll see a rotating circle on the screen. Nothing happens? Then the activation Apple server is overloaded and you should try it at a later moment. Fortunately, this is only very rarely (for example, when there is just one new iPhone on the market has appeared).

Do not forget to put in your new iPhone. simcard Do you have a iPad with 3G/4G-functie, you can also stop the SIM card into the device later. A straightened paper clip or earring comes in handy. You’ll find the SIM card compartment on the side of your new iPhone or iPad. Class=”clrb”

ipad-setting device-gereed2

Step 5: Turn off location-sharing on or off

Location sharing is required for certain applications, such as navigation and social media apps. Are you afraid that your location is followed by ‘Americans’, secretly you can also turn off this. Some features in apps will not work, but most do. Class=”clrb”

ipad-set-location services

Step 6: Set up as a new device or restore backup

You now have two options: you put your iPhone or iPad as a new device or you put a previous back-up. Have you previously used an iPhone or iPad , then restore the backup, the easiest and fastest way, for that you have at once all your settings and apps back. But you had on the old iOS device problems regularly, then it is wiser to set up, so you start with a clean slate.

as a new device

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Step 7: Log in with your Apple ID

Probably you already have an iTunes account, App Store account or Apple ID. In fact, this is all about the same: an account with Apple that allows you to synchronize data and purchases can do in the App Store and iTunes Store. Some people use multiple Apple IDs: one for buying apps and another for synchronizing personal data. Choose what suits you best. Class=”clrb”


Step 8: Set Security Questions

To protect against unauthorized use your Apple ID, you can fill in security questions. You can skip this step and fill them at a later time. The security questions are for example the name of your first pet, your first car or favorite teacher. These are questions that only you (or immediate family members) may respond in situations that you lost your password.


Step 9: Accept Conditions

You get to see. a long list of conditions You agree, then you will find a link at the bottom of the screen, which you can click. Class=”clrb”

ipad-set-general conditions

Step 10: Setting up iCloud

After a short break in which your iPhone or iPad is configured we go through setting up iCloud. iCloud is an online storage service from Apple that allows you to synchronize. kinds of data between apps You get 5GB of storage for free, which you can use to make. Backups of your iOS device including Read more in File iCloud. Class=”clrb”


Step 11: Turn on find my iPhone / iPad

Find My iPhone and Find My iPad service from Apple that you can find. a lost or stolen Apple product soon This service also protects you if your iPhone or iPad has been stolen and someone else wants to take into use. Our advice: turn it on! Read more in Find My iPhone: how does it class=”clrb”



Step 12: Set iMessage and FaceTime

iMessage is a messaging service from Apple that allows you to exchange. instant messages, photos and more It only works between iPhones, iPads and Macs, because there are no corresponding apps for other platforms like Windows or Android. Read more in our dossier iMessage. FaceTime is a similar service, which you can call (FaceTime audio) and video calling. Read more in File FaceTime. Class=”clrb”

iMessage set-up -ipad-iphone

Step 13:

Step 18: Register at Apple

You can register your device with Apple. This can also be done at a later stage. Class=”clrb”


Step 20: You can start


Finally, you can start using your new iPhone or iPad. Look for inspiration, for example, look at this list:

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ipad -Setting up-to-the-battle

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