Monday, December 21, 2015

“Larger iPad Pro will not run in China –

The iPad Pro, Apple’s new tablet with a larger screen size, knows sales of his predecessors unmatchable.

In the first month that the device in China was in the shops, have triggered over 49,000 copies in the country. Air to the iPad 2 last year there were over 11 times more.

That’s according to data the Chinese market researcher Data Talking to Mashable has provided. The iPad Mini 4, which is also only a short time on the market, with 92 000 activations did in a month slightly better than the Pro.

The lower sales number of the Pro probably has to do with the price of the device, which is almost twice as high as the price of the iPad Air 2. In the Netherlands the larger iPad costs 919 euros, while the Air 2 for 499 euros Located in the shop.

The iPad Pro Apple has created a special keyboard and private stylus available. As the iPad for the first time also touted as a device to work.

China is increasingly important to Apple. The iPhone sales in the country rose sharply, causing revenue from China has doubled in the last year.

Pricey tablet is not  suitable for most work scenarios

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