Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So hide your past purchases on your iPad – Macworld

Would you rather not have anyone who can see get iPad into the hands just you downloaded a lackluster game, a dating app, or other dubious programs? Here we explain how your past purchases can hide on your iPad.

Apple keeps a list of all the apps you ever bought or gedownload have, so you can easily install again. This is useful, but what if there are apps or magazines between which you’d prefer that people can see them? Lees Also: Share your App Store purchases with others


You can be in the list of previous purchases on your iPad hide certain apps, but this only works temporarily. If you want to get things permanently from the list, you should do it from your computer – from the iPad may not themselves. If you delete an app from the list, this does not mean you have to buy it again if you want to download the app in question again: the app is no longer displayed, but does still have a purchase

Log on to your computer in the iTunes Apple ID that you have made the initial purchase. Then go to the App Store , and press Purchases . Make sure that My Purchases is selected, so you get to see everything.

 _ yos_app_store.png 01 You can hide easily downloaded items.


Move the cursor over the app you want to remove from the list and click the X in the upper left corner of the icon of the app. If no cross, you can app nevertheless remove the cursor to the left corner of the app icon. Click the left mouse button when the cursor changes to a hand, and the app is gone.

Would you like to restore an app in the list? Go to iTunes to App Store it and click the arrow next to your Apple ID. Click Spotlight and select Account. Enter your password when prompted, and then is under Hidden objects / purchase The Administration . If you besides an app on Show , the app comes back to be in the list.

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