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Photos from iPad to computer (Mac and PC) – iCreate Magazine

With your iPad you make a snap good photos (and videos). But how you will get on the computer? Transferring photos from iPad to computer is a piece of cake, you’re only there because the accompanying USB cable required. In this workshop, we explain how you transfer photos from iPad to a Windows PC and a Mac, if you are not using iCloud-fotobibliotheek or Photo Stream .

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Note: When you first connect your iPad to a Mac or PC, you must first confirm that the tablet you trust this computer. . On a Mac appears nothing else, you get error messages on Windows.

1. Photos from iPad to Windows

 Photos from iPad to Windows We start on a Windows computer. Select After connecting your iPad with the USB cable in the box ‘Auto Play’ for the option ‘Import pictures and videos using Windows.

2. Select Folder in Windows

 Directory for photos Windows Then click” Import Settings “and select the folder where you everything To save. By default this is the “My Pictures”, but you can also choose any other folder. If desired, you can tag the pictures with a name so you can find them easily again.

3. Importing Windows

 Photos iPad into Windows Make sure no check mark next to” Always wipe the device after copy ‘, unless you want the photos after import no longer be on the iPad. Then click ‘OK’ and ‘Import’.

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