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Man upload racy pictures in stolen iPad via Dropbox –

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11-8-15 – 20:05
Some of the photos taken with the iPad Tjimme. © Tjimme Cavalier, through Facebook.

Apparently suspecting a man has uploaded some racy photos using a stolen iPad. That the platelets among others shaves via Dropbox hands would be the rightful owner of the tablet computer, was probably not the intention.

The victim Tjimme in Rotterdam last year was the victim of a brutal home robbery where nearly 10,000 euros to electronics were stolen. It was also brought his iPad and the charger was left behind.

,, Who am I in all this consternation forgot to mention, this was primarily the reason that we at the time of the transfer one floor were sleeping, ” he writes on his facebook page .

Spicy platelets
A year later bought a new iPad Tjimme and after putting on his new machine the online program Dropbox was reinstalled, he came in for a surprise: the new owner of his old iPad shared namely – probably unintentionally – a large number of pictures from the newly installed app

The pictures include family. – and see photos but also a picture of – as can be read on Facebook – a somewhat small phallus created. The images except the boy, a gray Peugeot, a calf and an ox indeed discern a bare genitals between two legs.

Four hundred times shared The call
who placed the duped Tjimme Monday at Facebook, has been shared more than four hundred times. He hopes through that road to find the man so that he him – in his own words – can deliver the charging of the iPad

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