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Apple wants to make iPhone more attractive for companies – z24

 While Apple is still the largest maker of tablets the world, rival Samsung is the company at the heels. While the new models of the iPhone again break sales records, the iPad has a lot harder. The sold third consecutive quarter Apple fewer tablets compared to the same period a year earlier , showed the latest quarterly figures Why is that many people already have a tablet, and replace those less than a smartphone See also the piece.?. 7 reasons why we buy fewer tablets addition, the  iPad competition from the iPhone that. is now also available in larger sizes, and Mac computers, which more than ever were sold. However, it is noteworthy that the most popular tablet in the world is less in demand, while demand for tablets continues to increase worldwide. In July, August and September this year were by manufacturers 53.8 million tablets shipped to stores, market researcher IDC reported Thursday. That's 11 percent more than in the third quarter of 2013. [google drive number = '2'] Less iPads sold, while the market is growing. That means that Apple's market share in the tablet market is shrinking significantly. The tech company from Cupertino is 12.3 million units accounting for 22.8 percent of the market in the third quarter. More than two years ago, that was more than 50 percent. [Google drive number = '1'] South Korea's Samsung is something Apple and shipped nearly 10 million units in the summer months, more than 5 percent over a year earlier. Lenovo in China is  growing by 30 percent more tablets sold a lot harder, but with 3 million copies relatively small compared to Apple and Samsung. More and more tablet makers But the main reason why Apple's market share is falling apart, it is not because a competitor is approaching with great strides, such as Xiaomi on the smartphone market. No, the tablet market as a whole widens. More and more manufacturers are making tablets, especially in the cheaper price categories. Take the relatively unknown American RCA, which surprisingly nestles among the top 5 tablet makers in the world, according to IDC. RCA sells four models ranging in size from 7 to 10 inches. The cheapest tablet costs only $    89, converted about 71 euros. The most expensive goes for $    199 on the counter. In the third quarter managed to sell RCA 2.6 million of this budget tablets, especially to students who again sought out the classroom. In the Netherlands these cheap tablets of under 100 euros available to include Bart Smit and  Kruidvat. These devices produced in China generally have a lower quality screen and a typical processor. Low margins on cheap tablets Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, will not lose any sleep night because the iPad will lose market share. Cook it comes to delivering overheads; Apple will not make concessions in order to compete on price. That proved last year again, when Apple after months of rumors about a budget phone just dropped a plastic iPhone for 549 euros in the market. Apple is an exclusive brand, and will remain so. And there's a good reason: the margin on the iPhone is more than healthy, knows IDC. & Quot; While the budget makes many sales, rake the top manufacturers like Apple dollars in & quot ;, said analyst Jitesh Ubrani market researcher. & Quot; A tablet under $    100 can not simply. Apple knows that, so they are not worried about the decreasing market share. & Quot; Also, Apple for the first time top five PC makers Apple and Samsung Xiaomi is approaching with  great strides

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Sales of iPads running back. Maker Apple trying to turn the tide on fairly uncharted territory for the tech giant:. The corporate customers

Kelly Barker has a skin care company, with four men in service. Last month she walked stop by an Apple store in Dallas, with a question on a Mac laptop for her business. A staff member invited her to a workshop presented three software companies to other small business software . It ended with Barker switched to new accounting software, which runs on iPads and iPhones. To her surprise, was tech giant Apple “genuinely interested in my business,” tells them to the Wall Street Journal .” She really wanted to help me grow “

Cooperating with. app-makers

It’s a little pioneer for Apple:. the business market now consumers have less and less interest in iPads, the workplace can sometimes prolong the life of the product Apple is a remarkable strategy to be. bring products to market for companies. It has partnered with more than forty, often relatively unknown, software companies that make apps for the attractiveness of the iPad for use at work. Apple has to compete with big names ( Microsoft , Google , Samsung ), but focuses on its niche:. convenience of mobile phones

Apple Apple would not like it program is not inevitably surrounded by mystery. Not all participants have all the details up to date. Apple invites representatives from app developers to train Apple employees, and vice versa evaluates apps from partners, with proposals for improvement. Also app-makers are encouraged to work together. That can be apps for accounting, to staff rosters, to digital cash registers.

Branchegerichte bundles

iPad sales are already six quarters to . down the past nine months, revenues were down from iPads by 24 percent compared with the same period last year, the business market offers a ray of hope:. expected by analysts in 2018 twenty percent of all tablets in business ownership from 12 per cent in 2014 . In the longer term will start selling Apple bundles of apps that are tailored to industries or sectors. It is unclear how Apple would divide the profits with the developers of the apps.


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