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Drivers roads iPad project Bam Infra

ZOETERMEER – At the project site of BAM Infra drivers operate the weighbridge with the iPad application WeegNet Thunder Build. In the “Estate Bentwoud ‘occupied a total of 300,000 tonnes of soil. The soil will be reused for the construction of a hill in the nature reserve. Through this application creates a natural slope which adds to the special atmosphere of the estate.

Weighbridge and software

The destination is a mobile weighbridge Pfister Weegtechniek. By means of a hardware coupling the weighing bridge is connected to WeegNet; weighbridge software Thunder Build. Drivers enter three simple steps weighing on the iPad, which is secured in the trailer. The badge is entered and the location of origin is chosen. If the driver on the ‘road’ has pushed the load is registered. Drivers working with the Grip app do not perform these actions, they may remain in the cab and operate the weighbridge with the Grip app.

Universal method

All ground transportation to this location include a digital guidance letter. To do this, carriers have three methods which they can choose themselves. Some carriers receive transportation document their on-board computer from the software application Waste Notification. Drivers who are in possession of a smartphone can use to download the free Grip app (Android and iOS). If the driver does not have on-board computer or smartphone, an employee of BAM Infra, the driver a letter sent by SMS from the software application Waste Notification. For example, for every situation created a user-friendly solution.

100% digital recording

BAM Infra is guaranteed by the method used by a complete digital file. Because WeegNet is a web application, all information from any work location can be accessed. A report of the number of journeys and / or the quantities and the associated guidance letters displayed in a PDF or Excel file. Of course it is possible to export the data to a CSV file so that it can be imported back into any desired other system.

Cost and transparency

A weighbridge operator has become redundant in this land depot. Also, the administration and filing of statutory documents is no longer applicable. Documents were sometimes incomplete, unclear completed or lost. All the operations listed names in the past, a lot of unnecessary time. The process with the applications of Thunder Build have not only realized time and cost savings but also a high degree of transparency. BAM Infra intends to implement this approach in other rural regions

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