Saturday, August 22, 2015

‘Sharp screen makes iPad Pro “- Tablets Magazine

Reportedly, Sharp will be responsible for the production of the iPad Pro, which Apple will be announcing in September. At present there are only rumors about the iPad with the 12.9-inch screen, which would be aimed at the business market and students.

The air around the iPad Pro is starting to get longer with every rumor that we see and hear about the most iPad. Even today there is a new, unconfirmed story surfaced about the iPad Pro . Sharp was namely responsible for the production of the big screen, according to sources working in the production chain. This is reported by at least the Asian site Digitimes, which it had in the past often be right, but lately is increasingly making mistakes when it comes to new products.

Although Sharp production possible 12.9-inch screen would take on, we still see that the Taiwanese Foxconn will take care of the rest. That means that Foxconn not only will provide the technology for the touch screen, but will also work with the lamination of that screen and the production of the device. According to Digitimes, production will of the iPad Pro in the fall to begin, so that at the end of 2015 between four and five million copies may be delivered to Apple.

Unfortunately, we know nothing certain about the iPad Pro . Earlier this week iPad came again in the news because it een special stylus could get one that his own form of Force Touch would entail. Furthermore, the rumors seem redistributors to agree that the resolution of the device 2048 by 2732 pixels and that the screen will be 12.9 inches indeed going to be great. It is expected that Apple will announce the iPad on September 9 along with the iPad Mini 4 , but not with the iPad Air 3 .


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