Monday, August 17, 2015

‘No Air iPad 3 release in near future “- Tablets Magazine

We have been coming once before passed and now there is a new article published stating that the Air iPad 3 not soon come true. Where there were only rumors that the iPad 3 Air end of 2015 would appear, is ’2016′ has now become a much better bet.

It is expected that Apple will announce new iPhones and iPads in the coming months, but it is unclear yet what it will be. At this time we hear rumors about an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus , the new iPhone 6 models, a small iPhone with a 4 inch screen, the iPad Pro , which iPad to students and the business community, iPad Mini 4 , which also de last Mini should be in the series, and of course the iPad Air 3, the successor to the popular iPad Air 2 which appeared last year.

The internet seems to agree that the iPad Mini 4 will be announced at the next Apple event, but speaking to date Some reports about the iPad and the iPad Pro Air 3 themselves against. Then Apple would want to launch both devices because they would sit together in principle, not in the way, and then Apple would not intend, because the iPad Pro can eat the iPad Air 3 market, which Apple so would have its own market cannibalize – the Air 2 is in fact a popular business tablet

A new article from Thailand now claims that Apple is not going to the Air iPad 3 display or release this year, because the company wants to concentrate on the iPad. Mini 4. Earlier it was widely rumored around that the iPad Mini 4 a copy of the iPad Air 2 would be, but then packaged in a manageable format and a screen of 7.9 inches. The source, DigiTimes, is in itself good sources from the supply chain, but also sometimes beside been in the past – it is nevertheless a rumor to be reckoned

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