Sunday, August 23, 2015

Learning how to use iPad in the Apple Museum –

Orvelte – Apple Museum in Orvelte Netherlands (Melkwegje 5) will soon offer courses and workshops. It is a beginners course and the workshops on pictures on the iPad tips and tricks on the iPad.

Students must own (and fully charged) to take iPad with the latest operating system. The courses and / or workshops are given by a certified instructor of SeniorWeb. The number of participants is up six per course. Is provided, tea and coffee.
The student receives a textbook SeniorWeb, exercises on paper and a description of the slideshow. The course is taught in two sessions of 2.5 to 3 hours.

Beginners Course iPad

The beginners course started with the iPad makes you appoint ropes on the iPad with a focus on including parts iPad; Home screen, home screen, app, and the app store; Working with the screen keyboard; move app, downloading from app’s; internet, the basic principles favorites creation and editing; learn how to use the camera; mail, save addresses, address book creation; tips and tricks; Signatures places.

Edit Photos

The workshop Photo workshop on the iPad ‘lasts one evening (three hours) and has a maximum of eight students. In this workshop you learn photo editing, insert text, create albums, share photos in the cloud, photos, email and albums send to photo services.

The workshop tips and tricks with the iPad ‘get up ten interested in a session of 2.5 hours insights into operation first, second, third, fourth and fifth fingers on the iPad, creating a signature store quickly and neatly mail addresses from mail.

the courses are costs. For information and / or registration: / e-mail: / 06 39751460

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